Working from home? Here’s how Tecadec can help you reclaim your space…

When work is over, you simply pack your home office away with Tecadec’s portable workstation

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There’s no doubt that for many of us working from home is the new normal, and a return to the office seems both unlikely and even unwelcome. A report from the experts at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) reveals that at least 40% of employers expect more than half their workforce to work regularly from home after the pandemic has ended. That is a lot of people.

If you work from home regularly, whether full time or as part of a newly-popular hybrid working model, you’ll know that it has a lot of benefits. It’s not all plain sailing, though. Recreating a professional and comfortable work space at home has not always been easy, or affordable. We need consistent, high quality working conditions, in order to be productive on a daily basis. 

Enter Tecadec. It’s a portable workstation designed to reclaim your living space, boost your productivity and improve your well-being.

Your home is not an office


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Looking back on the start of the pandemic, it seems a little crazy how enthusiastically office workers across the land took to using a chunk of their home space for work. Maybe it was the excitement of not having to commute on freezing cold early winter mornings. Perhaps it was the extra quality time it gave us with family – or on me time.  However, as the novelty faded, many of us understandably started to resent having to sacrifice space, and effectvely hand over a room to our employers.

Tecadec is helping employees take their homes back. The ergonomic computer workstation in a box complete with rapid set up and packdown design, makes it easy to set up and put away the office at the end of the working day or week. It gives a more clear work-life divide, which can help you to a better work-life balance. 

Tecadec means you can get rid of the desk that’s currently eating up valuable floor space. It means you can work productively, then pack away your workstation whenever you choose. Ergonomic design also means you can bid farewell to painful ‘laptop neck’. Tecadec’s portabibility also means that you can mix it up by changing the location, space or room to work in. Adding variety and choice is a great way to boost your productivity and mental well-being, and keep remote working interesting

Tecadec’s inventor is mechanical engineer and successful business owner Peter Bond. He designed it to help workers be more productive when away from the office on client premises, on location or in a hotel. Peter found he often needed to get real work done in all sorts of unsuitable spaces, and wasn’t willing to give up the large monitor, second screen and proper desk space that he was used to. 

Since those days on the road, Tecadec has also proven to be a great platform for getting serious work done in the nation’s home offices. This innovative, British-made, portable workstation is the ideal post-pandemic solution for all of us who hadn’t  anticipated working at home for such sustained periods. 

Time for your employer to step up


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With many businesses going for full remote working or a hybrid-working model, now is the time to get your setup right. Tecadec is the solution that you’ve been searching for.

While some employers have been exemplary in making arrangements to support their staff’s transition to remote working, others have been less proactive in making arrangements for their employees to work productively at home.

All employers have the same health and safety responsibilities for remote home workers as for any other workers whether someone is working from home permanently or temporarily.  

According to Health and Safety regulations, workers that are not fully equipped for home working should be sent necessary equipment or given advice on how to modify their workstation temporarily. 

The great news for employers is that Tecadec is “compliance in a box.” It’s a comfortable working space with flexible deployment that has a 27-inch screen that can be adjusted for height. All the boxes are ticked.  

When not in use, Tecadec is packed away in a flight case that’s built to protect the monitors and workstation equipment. Meaning you can say goodbye to the office until you need to clock back in again.

Tecadec: price and availability


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Tecadec is available for purchase via Amazon and the Tecadec website.  Options for purchase include the Tecadec Bare Unit or a choice of integrated 27 inch monitors all with advanced eye comfort technology, making it perfect for remote workers who require a large screen.  

Tecadec also comes complete with a fully adjustable monitor stand and laptop mount making it ideal if you require two screens to work efficiently.  

The multifunctional utility tray is useful for holding notepads or hot drinks, and some of the options include wireless mouse and keyboard, making it the complete professional workstation setup. And all this can cost as little as £495 – and if you hurry you can get £225 off right now.

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