Top 4 new shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video in June 2024

There's some top stuff coming to Prime Video

The Boys Season 4
(Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

June is finally here, and with it comes a new swathe of content for whichever you think is the best streaming service. If that's Amazon Prime Video in your household, you're in luck (also check out our Top 5 New Movies & Shows on Netflix this month).

We've combed through all the additions coming to Prime Video this month to whittle things down to just a handful that you should absolutely be keeping an eye on. Without further ado, here are the very best new shows and movies hitting the platform.

The Boys Season 4

TV's most explicit show returns! Season 4 of The Boys comes back to the silver screen on 13 June. Alright, so that title isn't necessarily a scientifically-proven one, but there's no denying how profane, gory, adult and explicit The Boys really is.

This time around things are as dire as they've ever been for our ragtag bunch of superhero-killers, with the dastardly Homelander gathering even more power amid political turmoil. It's clear that the parallels with American politics are only going to get stronger, but it's the outrageous gore and fights that will most likely keep you interested.

My Lady Jane

Everyone loves a good alternate history – as demonstrated by this really fun-looking series, which imagines what would happen if Lady Jane Grey had never died. 

Instead of marrying, briefly claiming the throne and eventually losing her head, it looks like Jane will instead break out of her fate and try to have a little fun in freedom, with battles, sex and more. 

It's based on a fun novel and should be an interesting addition to Amazon's lineup when it starts streaming on 27 June. 

Anyone But You

Amazon's fairly tight-lipped about movie additions to its streaming library, but multiple reports indicate that Anyone But You, the breakout hit from late 2023, is coming to the service – in the US at least.

It'll apparently arrive on 21 June, and means you'll be able to watch one of the most talked-about movies of the last six months at no extra cost. It's inspired by Shakespeare and stars Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney as a pair who pretend to be a couple to make their lives easier through wedding season. 

They're about as famous as anyone gets right now, and the chemistry is off the charts, so if you're in the US this is one to look forward to. Here's hoping it'll appear in other territories too!

Dumb Money

This one's a cinema release that might have passed quite a few people by at the tail-end of 2023, but Dumb Money looks like a really fun time. 

It charts the story of the Gamestop stock explosion and the man who started the whole fire going, making normal people millions of dollars in the process (and seeing a fair few others lose cash). 

It's going to hit Prime Video on 10 June, and will be a timely, funny watch. That cast doesn't lie, either, from Paul Dano to Pete Davidson via Shailene Woodley and Seth Rogen. 

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