The best laptop stands: elevate your system and keep it running quick and cool

From Dell and HP to Chromebook and MacBook; keep your laptops running efficiently with handy table top and freestanding laptop stands.

Best laptop stands
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Most of us opt to use laptops over desktop computers these days, making laptop stands an increasingly popular accessory to have in our home offices and workspaces.

If you often find yourself hunched over your desk when working on your computer and struggling with back pain as a result, you'll almost certainly benefit from giving a laptop stand a go. The idea of these nifty stands is to provide a base for your laptop that holds it at the best height and angle to prevent your back and neck overarching; the end result being that the centre of your laptop screen matches your line of vision when you're sitting up fully and looking straight ahead. 

Better posture is not the only benefit of these office accessories, the best laptop stands will also take care of your computer. Laptops work best when placed on a flat surface, allowing for a gap between the desk and the base of the laptop itself, this increases the air circulation and prevents them from overheating. Many laptop stands are available with built-in fans that are often powered by a USB connector for convenience, these fan-assisted laptop stands are specifically designed to help prevent overheating in addition to encouraging better posture. So, if you find that your laptop often needs time to cool down after continued use, this type of laptop stand might just do the trick, although be warned, some fans can be a little noisy.

Whilst the majority of laptop stands tend to be table top accessories, there are a great selection of floor standing laptop stands that not only provide the correct foundation for your laptop but also double up as mini desks for use whilst working on sofa or armchair. These are not necessarily the best laptop stands for improved posture but are extremely convenient if you often find yourself doubling your living room up as a workspace from time to time as the are pretty compact stands and are easy to store away when you're done.

We’ve rounded up our pick of the best laptop stands out there right now, whether you are looking for a base for your standard laptop, a MacBook or Chromebook.

1. Rain Design mStand

A simple yet sleek mStand to keep your MacBook at an ergonomic height

Best for: MacBook users
Weight: 1.4kg
Colour: Silver, Gold, Space Grey
Laptop Size: All MacBooks
Adjustable: Yes-swivel base
Material: Aluminium
Reasons to buy
+Improves airflow+Effortless swivelling
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive but worth it 

If you own a MacBook, this sleek laptop stand designed specifically to suit all MacBooks, is your go-to option. It comes in three smart colours and is designed to allow your laptop to sit at the perfect ergonomic height as well as tilt the keyboard downwards to improve the airflow through the little raindrop shaped hole in the swivel base unit. This stand not only aims to take the strain off of your eyes and neck but also guarantees to keep your MacBook cool with its aluminium construction. Given that many laptop stands can be a bit of an eyesore, the sleek design of this Rain Design mStand is an added bonus too. Good-looking, well-designed and easy to move from room to room.

2. Laptop Desk Overbed Table with Wheels

Work in any room with this portable desk and laptop stand in one

Best for: Using laptop in bed
Weight: 6kg
Colour: Black and Silver
Laptop Size: Any Size
Adjustable: Yes- rotating board
Material: Metal and Wood
Reasons to buy
+Height adjustment+Can be used as a table 
Reasons to avoid
- Bulky 

If you often find yourself needing to use your laptop whilst sat on the sofa, or indeed, you can’t pry yourself away from the keyboard even when in bed, then at least save your laptop from overheating and your neck from aching with this convenient wheelie desk. It is designed to fit any sized laptop, has a rotating table top for ease of use and also has the added convenience of one side of the table remaining flat whilst the other tilts your laptop for easy typing. Many reviewers have also praised this laptop stand for its versatility as it can be doubled up to use for other functions such as a table for reading or eating. Be sure to check that you have enough room under your sofa or bed for the legs of this laptop stand to fit.

3. Lavolta Folding Laptop Table Desk Tray Stand with Mouse Board and Cooling Pad

Work comfortably and keep your laptop cool with this affordable stand

Best for: Typing angle
Weight: 1.8kg
Colour: Black, Yellow, Silver, Red, Blue
Laptop Size: 7-15”
Adjustable: Yes
Material: Metal
Reasons to buy
+Silent fans+Compact and foldable
Reasons to avoid
-Fragile frame

Whatever laptop you may have, this is a cost-effective laptop stand that will help your posture and keep your laptop cool. This is a lightweight and compact laptop stand which folds down pretty neatly into a flat, large laptop-sized package when not in use, this makes it potentially ideal for stashing in your backpack and taking from workplace to workplace. This stand has the added bonus of 2 fans in the base to cool your laptop as you work, however some users reckon the larger the laptop, the less effective it is at cooling your CPU. If you are slightly taller than average, you'll likely enjoy the benefits of the concertina legs that enable different heights to be achieved but if you plan on having the laptop a considerable height off the desk, you'll want to invest in a desktop keyboard as this will render your laptop keyboard useless.

4. Twelve South HiRise Adjustable Stand For MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

An adjustable laptop stand for comfortable viewing

Best for: Adjustable height
Weight: 0.79kg
Colour: Silver
Laptop Size: All MacBooks
Adjustable: Yes
Material: Metal & Silicone
Reasons to buy
+Transforms MacBook into Desktop+Compatible with all MacBooks
Reasons to avoid
-A bit flimsy

If you like the idea of the Rain Design mStand higher up in our list for its MacBook-friendly design but you are worried that its fixed height might not be right for you, then this adjustable alternative might just be what you are after. This multi-height laptop stand is a great way to utilise your MacBook as a quasi-desktop computer as it will elevate your screen to the desired height and teamed with an additional external keyboard, won't feel like a laptop at all. For anyone who often doubles their laptop up for dual screen scenarios, this stand is ideal as its compact design tucks neatly into the corner of a desk, plus the non-slip rubber on the arms of this stand will prevent your laptop from slipping.

5. BDI Bink Salt Laptop Desk

Place this desk either indoors or outdoors so you can work anywhere

Best for: Standing desk
Weight: 11kg
Colour: White
Laptop Size: Any size
Adjustable: No
Material: Aluminium and steel
Reasons to buy
+Can be used anywhere+Looks smart
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive and not very convenient 

This handy desk style laptop stand makes for a good-looking piece of furniture in addition to an effective laptop stand. This stand can be placed anywhere in the home, so whether you like to work at the sofa in front of the TV or outside in the garden during summer, this is the laptop stand for those who usually sit with their tech on their lap. It is a little heavier than your average laptop stand, and isn’t exactly portable, but if you are on the hunt for a neat, elegant laptop stand that doubles up as a useful bit of furniture when not in use, this is certainly a versatile option.

6. Ergonomic Aluminium Portable Cooling X-Stand

A portable laptop stand, ideal for travel.

Best for: Travelling
Weight: 0.141kg
Colour: Silver
Laptop Size: 12-17”
Adjustable: Yes
Material: Aluminium
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
-MacBooks don’t fit well 

When you’re always on the go, this laptop stand will come in useful as it’s lightweight, foldable and portable, meaning you can just put it in your backpack or briefcase when going on trips. Its spider-like design aims to elevate your laptop and increase airflow to reduce overheating and it also positions your laptop at a slight angle so that working is more comfortable when on the go. One thing to note is that some Apple users say it is on the small side for some of the newer MacBooks on the market. Having said that, users of other laptop brands find its portability ideal for hot-desking.

7. Trust Azul Laptop Cooling Stand with Dual Fans

Developers, cool down your laptop with this fan assisted pad

Best for: Cooling down your laptop
Weight: 0.475kg
Colour: Black
Laptop Size: up to 17.3”
Adjustable: No
Material: Steel
Reasons to buy
+Dual fans+Integrated cable storage
Reasons to avoid
-Not adjustable 

This cooling pad is ideal for process heavy laptops that have a tendency to overheat. If you’re worried that your laptop gets very hot after continued use, then the dual fans on this stand, which allow for better airflow, cool down your CPU so that you can work continuously without the fear of your laptop overheating. This laptop stand is not adjustable, but it does allow for your laptop to sit slightly tilted for a more comfortable typing angle and it also has extra USB ports. If you are worried about the temperature of your laptop but not so concerned about your posture, this cooling pad if your ideal pick from our list.