T3 Interview: CEO of Sega Amusements International Paul Williams talks about the imminent release of Daytona 3 Championship USA

In part 2 of T3's exclusive interview we get the inside scoop on the development of Daytona 3 Championship USA - especially on its final design - and about the futuristic new R-360 that is finally revealed in every detail

Last year T3's 'Man in Japan' Marco Zangirolami delivered an exclusive interview with CEO of Sega Amusements International, Mr. Paul Williams, in of which he revealed that OutRun 3 was on Sega's radar in terms of development.

Here T3 follows up with part 2 of the interview, which covers the imminent release (next week) of hot new arcade racer Daytona 3 Championship USA, as well as more information about the revolutionary R-360 arcade machine.

Before we get to the interview though, why not check out the trailer for Daytona 3 Championship USA:

Part 2 of T3's interview with CEO of Sega Amusements International, Mr. Paul Williams

T3: Daytona 3 was the game that stole the show at the latest International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) expo in Orlando. Naturally, many T3 readers want to know when they will be able to play it...     

PW: Daytona 3 will be out by the end of the month (March 2017), so in a very short time from now. Your readers will be able to find it in all the most popular arcade centers.

T3: What was the reaction from fans at the IAAPA?

PW: Simply unbelievable! Being a professional trade show you do not usually see many people playing the games, however this time was different. With Daytona 3 Championship USA the game was always busy with operators from all around the world wanting to play the game, and by the feedback and the orders we already received I can already say it is a big success. Sincerely having bet on it, I knew it was a great game, that it was extremely appreciated by gamers and operators, but I did not imagine the reactions would have been so good, especially after such a long period of time elapsing from its first chapter back in 1994!

T3: One thing that wasn't appreciated and liked by gamers first time round was the design of the arcade machine's seat. Have you made improvements with Daytona 3 Championship USA?

PW: Yeah, I know, but do not worry.  I cannot disclose too much about the design of the final version but trust me that it is a really huge improvement.

T3: At what point of development is the game at right now?   

PW: The game is now done and ready to ship. Daytona 3 will be linked up from 2 to 8 machines, and it will be available as single machine too, being distributed in the USA and Europe in the sit down version (in the future we could release an upright version).

T3: Ok, let's talk about the smash hit R-360's 'Transformers: Human Alliance Special Edition' system you released in Japan last year. Is there any chance we will see it here in the west (USA and Europe) soon?

PW: We are thinking about it, but it is still very expensive: a set of 4 machines linked cost around $1 million! We ran the numbers here at Sega and projected the game might struggle to be successful and profitable abroad right now (1 play at the moment cost 600 yen (approx. 4 gbp) with a queue of more than 1 hour!). So it is a real challenge to make it affordable for the western market. Also, we would have to modify some elements for EU regulations. We are working to find a solution though and we'll keep T3's readers informed, I promise!

T3: Will we see other new games on this new R-360 system? An 'After Burner Climax' special edition or a dedicated upgraded version which exploits the 360's movement would be a killer application in US and here in Europe surely?

PW: It could do for sure. As said before though it will be all about making it cheaper for operators - as it is the install base that will dictate if more games are brought to it.

T3: What was your involvement on this project? Who had the idea to make this upgraded new R-360?

PW: Sega Japan annually changes its own attractions inside his the 'Joypolis' arcade centre and they wanted to present something new for the Japanese audience.

T3: Who created the tech and software that enables the R-360 system?     

PW: The software was developed by a producer called Ogasawara san (the man behind an another smash hit and cash cow: 'Let's go jungle') who had worked at SEGA Japan R&D for many years. He now works for us in the UK, while the hydraulic cabinet was made by the Japanese division.   

T3: What was your first reaction upon seeing it working?

PW: I was REALLY impressed, and I believe it is simply amazing! Not only is it visually attractive for on lookers but the game play and the speed and feeling of motion is so realistic.

T3: Is it the first of many joint ventures between the two subsidiaries (Sega Europe/Japan)?

PW: We hope so, for sure. We want to produce many new attractions for the fans of not just video games, but movies and everything else related to Sega and Sonic & co. We want to have the chance, as with Daytona 3 Championship USA, to produce new versions of many classics. We strongly believe in this. We struggling everyday to make it possible and we believe we will make it.

T3: Thank you for talking to T3.

PW: No, thank you.

For more information about Daytona 3 Championship USA, then check out the game's official webpage now. Equally, to watch some more footage of the new racer, watch the video below: