T3 Awards 2022: all the Garden Living award winners announced

The T3 Awards 2022 winners of best barbecue, best lawnmower, best pressure washer and more revealed

T3 Awards 2022 Garden Living
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Here we are happy to announce the Garden Living category winners of the T3 Awards 2022, including the winners of Best Barbecue, Best Smoker, Best Portable Barbecue, Best Lawnmower, Best Robot Lawnmower, Best Pressure Washer and Best Outdoor Lighting.

Together these products have made it easy to enhance and enjoy garden living in 2022, from enabling people to cook food effortless for their friends and themselves, keep their lawns and patios look pristine, and bring their homes' exteriors to life at night.

This year's Garden Living T3 Awards 2022 categories have been more competitive than ever before, so let's get down to revealing the big winners.

Traeger Ironwood 650 pellet barbecue

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Best Barbecue

There's nothing many of the T3 staffers love more than eating outdoors in the sun with friends and family, which is why we spend so much time reviewing and rating the best BBQs on the market.

And the competition for the Best Barbecue award this year was truly something else, with a smorgasbord of quality gas, charcoal and pellet grills competing with each other to be top dog.

In the end, though, the judges decided on the wood pellet-driven brilliance of the Traeger Ironwood 650 as the winner of the T3 Awards 2022 Best Barbecue gong.

The reasons for the win were numerous, ranging from the Ironwood 650's impeccable build quality through to its wide-range of flavored wood pellets and onto its best-in-class companion app (which lets you easily download cooking programs for things like brisket and ribs).

However, it is the all-round excellence of the Traeger Ironwood 650 as a do-it-all outdoor cooker that saw it get the nod in the end. It can grill, roast and smoke produce with aplomb and it does so in a manageable form factor that, while expensive, the judges still felt was good value for the top results it delivers.

As such, we're really happy to announce that the Traeger Ironwood 650 is the winner of the Best Barbecue award at the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Barbecue shortlist

Char-Broil Gas2Coal 210 Hybrid BBQ, Campingaz 3 Series Premium S, Broil King Regal 500 Pellet Grill, Traeger Ironwood 650, Weber Smokefire EPX 6, Weber Genesis EPX-335 Smart Gas Barbecue, Broil King Baron 490 IR

Weber SmokeFire EPX 6 Stealth Edition smoker barbecue

(Image credit: Weber)

Best Smoker

Smokers are a really exciting type of outdoor barbecue that not only cooks food but infuses them with delicious flavouring, too. They help deliver that smoky, cooked-on-the-barbie flavour that so many people love about eating meat, fish and vegetables outdoors.

Smokers can be fuelled by charcoal lumps and briquets, wood logs and wood pellets. Many of today's best smokers, as reviewed by T3, use wood pellets – many of which are sold with distinct flavour-enhancing infusions designed to enhance the flavour of produce cooked with them.

As with the Best Barbecue award, competition for Best Smoker was super intense this year as, simply put, it's a popular, growing area for grill companies right now, with may new and advanced systems hitting the shelves each year.

But, none of the smokers that T3 has reviewed this year have been as good as smoking food as the simply epic Weber SmokeFire EPX 6 Stealth Edition, which absolutely blew our reviewer away on test with its massive capacity, premium build quality and exquisite smoking results.

T3's reviewer said the EPX 6 Stealth Edition was "an elite smoker", and when you consider it comes with a 10kg wood pellet hopper and simply incredible combined dual grilling area of 6,370 square centimetres, it's easy to see why. You can smoke and cook basically anything in the EPX 6, from steaks, ribs and sausages, through vegetables and fish, and right up to whole birds and even a suckling pig.

Are there cheaper and smaller smokers? Yes, absolutely. But the Weber SmokeFire EPX 6 Stealth Edition is the ultimate smoker money can buy today and the judges agreed.

As such, we're thrilled to announce that the Weber SmokeFire EPX 6 Stealth Edition is the winner of the Best Smoker award at the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Smoker shortlist

Traeger Pro 575, Masterbuilt MES 130, Char-Broil The Big Easy, Big Green Egg Large, Weber Smokey Mountain, Weber SmokeFire EPX 6 Stealth Edition

Weber Traveler portable barbecue in black and silver on a white background

(Image credit: Weber)

Best Portable Barbecue

There's nothing better than a good barbecue, but there's also nothing better than a good day out with friends and family, so the idea of combining both these things appeals to T3 a lot. And that is why we spend so much time reviewing and rating the best portable barbecues.

With a portable barbecue you can take serious cooking capability where-ever you go, be that the beach, park or a forest camp, and a range of fuel sources from electricity to gas and charcoal to wood pellets means no matter how you like to cook, there's a model on the market in 2022 that will suit your needs.

And that wide-range of small and portable barbecues made it tough for the T3 Awards 2022 judges to decide on a winner. In the end, though, the extreme portability of the Weber Traveler meant that it got the nod.

The Weber Traveler is a gas-powered portable barbecue that, neatly, folds up when not in use like an ironing board. This means that you can collapse it and load it into a vehicle easily, as well as store it away at home without taking up much space, either.

The fact that the Traveler is powered by gas canister means that you're not reliant on an electricity source, either, which a lot of electric and wood pellet portable grills are. This adds to its portability in the judges' eyes, with you able to wheel the folded grill (the Traveler comes with two really robust wheels) properly into the great outdoors.

What's great about the Traveler is that it has a decent grilling capacity, too, so can easily act as a home barbecue as well as a portable one. You basically get a grill that can function at home, as well as one that can be taken places. That's value.

As such, we're incredibly happy to announce that the Weber Traveler is the winner of the Best Portable Barbecue award at the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Portable Barbecue shortlist

Weber Traveler, Pit Boss Navigator 150, Traeger Ranger, Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal, Broil King Porta Chef 120

Gtech CLM50 lawnmower in white on a white background

(Image credit: Gtech)

Best Lawnmower

Head on over to T3.com's best cordless lawn mower buying guide and you'll find a whole range of quality wireless mowers that, truth be told, will cut your lawn with aplomb.

And this made the judges' decision making for who would get the T3 Awards 2022 Best Lawnmower award very tough. In the end, though, the superb Gtech CLM50 got the nod for the prestigious gong.

The reasons for the judges' decision were numerous, including the CLM50's super light weight (just 13kg), spacious 50L grass collector, excellent cutting performance, long-lasting battery (40 minutes of cutting on one charge, with just 60 minutes to re-charge) and really stylish design.

The Gtech CLM50 was also one of the quieter lawn mowers we've tested this year, too, which is definitely something we prize, and is competitively priced for what it delivers.

We say this is the best cordless lawn mower for medium lawns you can buy today and this acknowledgement by the T3 Awards 2022 judges just adds to that reputation.

As such, we're super happy to announce that the winner of the Best Lawnmower award at the T3 Awards 2022 is the Gtech CLM50.

Best Lawnmower shortlist

Kärcher LMO 18-33, Gtech CLM50, LawnMaster 24V, Gardena PowerMax 32/36V P4A, Cobra MX3440V

Karcher K4 pressure washer in yellow colourway on white background

(Image credit: Karcher)

Best Pressure Washer

In T3's mind Kärcher is the company to beat right now in terms of producing top-tier pressure washers, with its Kärcher K4 Power Control Home Pressure Washer our number one recommendation of best pressure washer for most people.

And that belief was mirrored by the T3 Awards 2022 judges, with the pressure washer beating off not only some strong rival brands but also other pressure washers made by Kärcher, including its flagship Kärcher K7 Premium Smart Control Home.

The reasons for the Kärcher K4 Power Control Home's victory were numerous, with the judges impressed with its power, versatile spray gun and lances, plug-and-play detergent bottles and knowledge-filled companion app.

The K4 also is relatively portable, with a pair of solid wheels and telescopic handle making it quite simple to trundle around your home's exterior, and its price firmly in the mid-range in terms of spend.

Overall, the judges felt the Kärcher K4 Power Control Home delivers more than enough pressure washer for the vast majority of people and is a buy once product that will last for decades.

For all these reasons and more, we are therefore thrilled to announce that the winner of the Best Pressure Washer award at the T3 Awards 2022 is the Kärcher K4 Power Control Home.

Best Pressure Washer shortlist

Kärcher K4 Power Control Home Pressure Washer, Kärcher K7 Premium Smart Control Home, Nilfisk Core 140, Wilks-USA TX750I Petrol Power Pressure Washer, Muc-Off Pressure Washer

Worx Landroid M500 Plus robot lawnmower

(Image credit: Worx)

Best Robot Lawnmower

T3 has been really impressed with how robot lawn mowers have evolved in terms of technology and performance over the last few years, and a great example of what is now delivered by the best of these sward cutting machines can be seen in the Worx Landroid M500 Plus.

We called the Worx Landroid M500 Plus a "sleek orange stunner" in our review of it in our best robot lawn mower buying guide, with our reviewer praising its "top performance", "clever tech" and "near-invisible charging station".

And, after weighing up the strong competition this year for this award, the T3 Awards 2022 judges agreed. The M500 Plus' advanced inertia sensing technology, which helps the mower deal with uneven lawns, specifically impressed the judges, as too its ability to cut lawns up to an impressive 500 square metres in size.

There's more advanced features, too, including a feature where the mower can automatically detect the time of day and will not go out at night to help protect nocturnal animals like hedgehogs (although you can disable this if you wish).

Overall, the judges thought the Worx Landroid M500 Plus was a well built, affordable robot lawn mower that delivers great cutting performance and some advanced features. They also liked its sleek, futuristic styling.

As such, we're very pleased to announce that the Worx Landroid M500 Plus is the winner of Best Robot Lawnmower and the T3 Awards 2022.

Best Robot Lawnmower shortlist

Worx Landroid M500 Plus, Flymo Easilife 250 GO, Bosch Indego M+ 700, LawnMaster L10, Honda Miimo 40 Live

Philips Hue Lily outdoor light in black shown on white background

(Image credit: Philips Hue)

Best Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights are great as they can help bring your home's exterior and garden to life in low-light and night time conditions. That's great when hosting in the warmer months of the year, too, with barbecues and parties able to be extended as the day comes to a close.

This is why T3 curates its own best outdoor lights and best outdoor solar lights and best Philips Hue outdoor lights buying guides, as we want to surface the best options for people looking to bring light to their garden.

And, this year, despite some fierce competition, the T3 Awards judges found themselves drawn to an outdoor light that really embodies everything that is great about outdoor lighting.

Philips Hue Lily Outdoor Colour Ambiance Spot Lights are incredibly classy outdoor lights that as well as being very easy to install, allow their owners to choose from a vast array of colours and colour schemes (these work well with multiple lights) for their home and garden.

This colour-changing ability comes courtesy of the best-in-class Philips Hue smart lights app, which empowers the owner to create the perfect ambience or light scene for their home. Lights can be timed to come on automatically, too, and the Hue platform is super scalable, with it easy to add more lights to a setup.

For all these reasons and more, we're therefore delighted to announce that the winner of the Best Outdoor Lighting award at the T3 Awards 2022 is the Philips Hue Lily Outdoor Colour Ambiance Spot Light.

Best Outdoor Lighting shortlist

Atlas Solar Spotlights, Trueflame Mini Solar Torch Lights, Philips Hue Lily Outdoor Colour Ambiance Spot Lights, Nordlux Vejers Outdoor Wall Lantern, Lumify USB Chargeable Outdoor Solar Powered Fairy Lights

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