You need the Silva headlamp Trail Runner 4 Ultra for your winter runs (and hikes and walks)

All the battery life and light output you’ll ever need, even for ultramarathon distances

silva trail runner 4 ultra
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One thing is for sure: the nights are getting longer, bad news for all the runners out there, especially trail runners. That is if you haven’t got a treadmill and Zwift subscription, because then go you, your winter training sessions are sorted.

For everyone else, though, the answer is the Silva Trail Runner 4 Ultra headlamp. This lightweight yet powerful head torch packs a punch and delivers extremely long battery life, compact design and water resistance, all in one. No wonder it sits near the top of T3’s best head torch list.

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The Silva Trail Runner 4 Ultra, just like other headlamps, can be used for other purposes than just trail running, like hiking, road running, walking or even fishing. Saying that, the Silva Trail Runner 4 Ultra, as the name might suggest, is geared towards trail runners and ones that like going the distance, too.

This sturdy headlamp can last up to 90 hours in the lowest light setting using the 3xAAA battery pack. That’s way longer than many of us will ever have to use a headlamp for without charging it. This extraordinary battery life can be further extended for another 18 hours using the other battery pack included in the pack.

silva trail runner 4 ultra battery

The Silva Trail Runner 4 Ultra comes with two battery packs, ready for your long runs (or fishing night outs)

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Why do we recommend the Silva Trail Runner 4 Ultra headlamp

The Swedish-designed Silva Trail Runner 4 Ultra is virtually perfect for people who are after extra-long battery life and maximum light output.

Thanks to the three different light output settings (Max-Med-Min mode with 350-150-50 lm light output, respectively), the Silva Trail Runner 4 Ultra can be tailored to all manners of activities. In Max setting, the light beam goes as far as 75 metres, but even in the lowest setting it can reach up to 20 metres.

On top of this, the double light beam technology enables the runner (hiker/walker/fisherman) to see ahead and directly in front of your feet too. The long-reach spotlight can scan the horizon while the close floodlight enables you to see what’s in front of your feet, which is really helpful in avoiding a sprained ankle.

As mentioned above, the battery life is outstanding and even in the highest setting, you can squeeze out 10 hours of battery life using the 3xAAA battery pack.

To have such a long battery life, the Silva Trail Runner 4 Ultra needs external battery packs to keep the size and weight of the headlamp unit small enough so it can be worn for longer without discomfort. The battery pack is connected to the headlamp unit using a cable, so you will need to find a place to store the battery pack and feed the cable through your clothing so it’s not in the way.

On the upside, the whole unit is waterproof and since the battery is not in the headlamp itself, the weight carried on your head is really light, only 49 grams.

silva trail runner 4 ultra

There is even a safety light included in the box

(Image credit: Silva)

Even better, the bundle includes a safety light you can attach to your helmet or bag or even t-shirt so people behind you can see you. This little lamp is only 12 grams and also water resistant.

All in all, you can count on the Silva Trail Runner 4 Ultra to light your way during your winter outdoor activity sessions. That is if you are happy to carry the external battery pack in your bumbag. A small trade off for such great light output and extra long battery life.

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