Secretlab Titan vs Razer Iskur: Which premium gaming chair is best for you?

Check out the comfort, build quality and lumbar support of the SecretLab Titan SoftWeave vs Razer Iskur gaming chair

SecretLab Titan SoftWeave vs Razer Iskur
(Image credit: SecretLab)

The best gaming chairs are not like other chairs, because gaming isn’t like other computer tasks: a chair that’s okay for a quick fight on Facebook is no good for a Battle Royale or an epic space adventure.

Can you play video games on a stool? Yes, absolutely. Should you play video games while perched on a stool, though? Absolutely not. Being successful when playing video games requires focus, and focus is enhanced through comfort. As such, having back, arm, neck, leg or wrist pain caused by inadequate seating seems foolish.

Gaming chairs need to be comfortable for even the most protracted gaming session, and they need to be tough because they’re going to be sat on for more hours than your sofa. The best gaming chairs can transform how you play, providing proper lumbar support and comfort that no sofa can deliver.

In our best gaming chairs guide we rate the SecretLab Titan and the Razer Iskur very highly. We described the SecretLab Titan as a “god-tier gaming chair” and “truly exceptional” – but we also found that the Razer Iskur is “undoubtedly one of the best gaming chairs on the market”. So which one’s better? Let’s find out.

SecretLab Titan vs Razer Iskur gaming chair: specs

SecretLab Titan SmartWeave Fabric Gaming Chair vs Razer Iskur

(Image credit: SecretLab)

The Titan SoftWeave has a solid construction with an adjustable height of 175-200cm and a maximum suggested weight of 130kg. Its steel frame construction ensures its ready to take prolonged use, with a solid aluminium alloy base and full-length backrest. You can buy it in PU Leather or Napa Leather but our favourite is the SoftWeave fabric you see in our photos: you can choose from sober black, charcoal and light grey or a wonderfully daft Overwatch D.Va in salmon pink.

The Razer Iskur is also rated for up to 130kg and its seat height is adjustable from 174 to 181cm. It’s upholstered in PVC leather, which is a step up from the pleather you tend to find in other gaming chairs, and it can recline to a comfortable 139 degrees.

SecretLab Titan vs Razer Iskur gaming chair: comfort

Razer Iskur vs SecretLabs Titan SoftWeave

(Image credit: Future)

You’ll often find that manufacturers concentrate on the seat pad and backrest but not the armrests, but SecretLab has given the Titan’s ones a spongy exterior layer that’s really nice. It’s easy to get a comfortable position even if you’re very tall – our tester is 6’2” and found the Titan exceptionally easy to get comfy in – and the premium materials mean there’s nothing to annoy you during protracted gaming sessions. 

Although the Iskur is rated for up to 130kg in weight, we found that the bucket seat was fairly small with firm sides: larger gamers or gamers who like to sit cross-legged may find that it’s a little too cramped for comfort, and the chair is recommended for heights up to 5’11”. If you’re the right size, though, it’s a supremely comfortable chair and the lumbar support deserves particular praise. It’s a little on the firm side, though, so if you like to sink a little bit into a plush chair this might not be the one for you.

SecretLab Titan vs Razer Iskur gaming chair: support

Razer Iskur headrest

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Lesser gaming chairs can leave your body grumbling after a long gaming session, but that won’t be an issue here.

The Titan is very supportive for your back and neck, and its recline angle of up to 165 degrees means it’s ideal for a quick power nap between sessions. Both chairs here have multi-adjustable armrests but the Razer’s ones aren’t as flexible as the Titan’s: larger games may find they need to remove the armrests completely in order to get comfortable.

The Razer is quite firm compared to some gaming chairs but its lumbar support is absolutely superb. If you tend to get lower back twinges after prolonged sessions this will make your days considerably brighter. It also has neck support and an included neck cushion. 

SecretLab Titan vs Razer Iskur gaming chair: pricing and verdict

SecretLab Titan SmartWeave Fabric Gaming Chair vs Razer Iskur

(Image credit: SecretLab)

These are both very good premium gaming chairs, but if we were spending our own money on a new one we’d go for the Titan. There are several reasons for that. The first is that we’re both big and broad-shouldered, and the Titan is more accommodating of bigger frames; the Iskur is more of a racing seat, which means it’s pretty unforgiving. And the second is that SoftWeave fabric. In our SecretLab Titan review we said that it “feels as premium as leather but adds a completely different aesthetic to the looks of the chair. It looks a real stunner, and we're pleased to report that the looks of the chair are matched by excellent build quality.” It makes a really big difference in terms of comfort, and to our eyes it’s better looking too.

There’s a downside, though. The Titan is a victim of its own success: because it’s so highly rated it’s in high demand, and while some versions are available with a two-week lead time some are currently running six-week lead times. But it’s worth waiting for.

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