Mother's Day gifts under £100: skincare tech, hair stylers, smart lights and more

Here's our top picks for the perfect Mother's Day gift

Mother's Day gift guide
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If you didn't know already, Mother's Day is taking place in the UK on Sunday 10th March. It's the perfect occasion to show your mum or maternal figure how much you love and appreciate them, and what better way to do than with a swanky piece of tech? 

If you're struggling with finding a Mother's Day gift this year, we've got your back. It doesn't mean you should avoid the best Mother's Day bouquets, but sometimes it's nice to go for something a little different. With this in mind, we've put together a selection of tech gifts, ranging from skincare tech to smart lighting. What's more is that each of these gifts is priced under £100, meaning you won't have to break the bank to buy something nice. Although, you probably shouldn't tell your mum that. 

Keep reading to find a perfect Mother's Day gift, or check out these 7 ways to chill out and unwind on the day. 

Skincare tech

Hair Stylers


Smart lights

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