Money no object: Sony's 4K short-throw projectors

Combine a side table with a cinema projection system and you get furniture from the future

The connected lifestyle is a revolution infiltrating homes, but home is about the heart as well as the head, and tech companies are thinking smarter about how gadgets are placed in a living environment. Sony's projector offers incredible tech without being overt, and the same design ethos is taking place further down the line. Ikea's Home Smart range of furniture boasts smartphone wireless- charging technology without being style-unconscious.

Camouflage cues

Unlike a regular design-damaging projector, the Sony 4K USTP sits just a few inches away from a given wall, blending into its environment/

Hidden strengths

When not used, the projection bit is hidden, giving the illusion of a functional side table, though guests shouldn't rest their Martinis on it.

Modular mods

Optional speakers either side discreetly extend without altering the look, so your front room won't look like an AV convention.

The bigger picture

Despite its short projector-to-wall distance, the USTP can throw a 147-inch image, and a picture quality of 4K essentially turns your lounge into the local digital cinema.

Art full

Though the USTP's main use is for watching movies, Sony has positioned it as a gadget for art lovers, too: a masterpiece projected onto the wall will bring your room to life

Big pimpin'

You'll need a serious appreciation for home design, as the Sony 4K USTP will set you back $50,000 (£32,000). Cash-rich enquirers can head over to is one of the UK's leading consumer lifestyle websites and T3 magazine is its print counterpart.  You can follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram

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