Level up your home workout with this container gym from a company that does team building marathons every month

A fully setup 'Shred Shed' can be your for as little as £18,349.99/$25,615 – a real bargain

BeaverFit container gym home gym Shred Shed
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“As the pandemic hit, people realised they don’t necessarily need to go to the gym to keep up with their fitness. People can enjoy working out outside or incorporating HIIT workouts which gets the whole body working in short periods [of time] to get good results”, BeaverFit founder Tom Beaver explains, “You’re going to see a lot more outdoor fitness and a lot more home gyms popping up soon.”

BeaverFit is a part US-, part UK-based company that specialises in manufacturing rugged gym equipment – including self-contained container gyms – for military, commercial and home use. The companies origins reach way back, although it was only established a decade ago: Beaverfit was derived out of a bridge-building company and “born out of a passion for endurance and sport”, Tom claims.

Being tough is not just a marketing phrase for Beaverfit: the company lives and breathes toughness which is represented well by the company’s team building exercise. You might have heard of companies throwing Zoom parties to keep staff morale up but BeaverFit went a step further with its monthly team building marathons.

BeaverFit founder Tom Beaver

BeaverFit founder Tom Beaver thinks we'll workout outdoors more in the future

(Image credit: BeaverFit)

“On the last Friday of every month we have a team-building day for the company where if you would like to go out and run a marathon, you can. We start between 5-5:30 in the morning and run a full marathon over the Shropshire hills”, Tom tells the story of how the now-standard team marathons work, “This originated during the first lockdown. I ran a marathon every Friday for 12 weeks and started integrating some of the team members from the welding team to the pack out team, then some of the sales guys and just realised how much good it was for morale.”

BeaverFit’s most popular product, the container gym, is as cool as it sounds and it was designed originally for the Ministry of Defence in the UK. Now, different versions of the container gym are used by militaries all over the world from the French Foreign Legion, the German Bundeswehr, the US military and the Australian military.

Fancy owning one of these mega-rugged container gyms? Aren’t you lucky as you can now have your own ‘Shred Shed’ for a friendly price of £9,599.99 (approx. $13,400), although this only includes the container shell and no equipment. If you need some workout gear too, you will need to order the Functional Shred Shed Light or Functional Shred Shed Heavy options, costing £14,399.99 (~ $20,100) and £18,349.99 (~ $25,615), respectively. If you haven’t got that much money, you can order any home gym equipment you desire from outdoor fitness equipment to wall-mounted foldable racks through at BeaverFit too.

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