New iPhone 2019: leaks, rumours, and everything we already know about the iPhone 11

New iPhones for 2019 are on the way, and here's what they'll bring

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The new iPhone for 2019 has to be one of the most anticipated phones of the year, and we've already heard plenty about what the iPhone 11 (if that's what Apple calls it) might have in store. Here we've gathered together all the rumours and leaks to appear so far.

We were very impressed with the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR, but the tech world doesn't stand still for long: Apple knows it's in a tight battle with Samsung, Google and the rest, and will want to make the new 2019 iPhone the very best it can be.

iPhone 11: launch date and price

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max new iPhone 2019

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

You don't have to be a modern-day, Cupertino-based version of Sherlock Holmes to work out that the new iPhones will be with us in September 2019. That's the month that Apple always launches its handsets, and the iPhone 11 should be no different.

While we're still waiting for an exact date, it will probably be in the first half of the month. The iPhones of 2018 were launched on 12 September, which may or may not give us a clue about when the new iPhones for 2019 are going to arrive.

Apple will have already been working on these phones for some time, but how many will there be? We may well get an iPhone 11, an iPhone 11 Max, and a cheaper... iPhone 11 XR? That would match this year's handsets, but we don't really know what naming scheme Apple will go for at this stage.

Don't expect the pricing to change to much: Apple currently charges £999/$999 and up for the flagship, £1,099/$1,099 and up for the bigger flagship, and £749/$749 and up for the cheaper model. If anything, the top-end phones will get more expensive and the budget phone will drop a little in price.

iPhone 11: rumoured specs and features

iPhone XS Max new iPhone 2019

iPhone XS Max

So what can we expect from the iPhone 11? Or the iPhone XI? Or the iPhone XS II or whatever it ends up being called? As with the 2018 iPhones, it seems we'll get three handsets with the new iPhones for 2019, according to respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – and they'll have 6.1-inch, 5.8-inch, and 6.5-inch screens, just like this year.

A lot of recent speculation has centred around the idea of a triple-lens camera on the back of one of the new 2019 iPhone models: a couple of leaked designs have already appeared on the web, though we're not sure exactly how close they're going to be to Apple's final product.

new iPhone 2019 iPhone 11

iPhone 11 concept (credit: Hasan Kaymak)

We've also heard plenty of talk about the possibility of a dual-lens camera on the iPhone 11 XR and maybe a 3D camera array on the back of another iPhone 11 model. That would give users access to even more advanced photo effects, and make augmented reality just that much more realistic.

Sony is being tipped to provide this magical new component, and don't be surprised to hear Apple talk up the AR capabilities of iOS 13 when it gets previewed in June: that would lay the foundations nicely for better 3D handling in the new iPhones for 2019.

new iPhone 2019 iPhone 11

iPhone 11 concept (credit: Concept Creator)

Apple typically goes in for a major design overhaul of the iPhone every couple of years, and considering the handsets launched in September 2018 looked almost exactly like the iPhone X from 2017, we could be due a more substantial change in looks this time, besides the triple-lens rear camera being mooted.

Might that mean no more notch? Apple patents have emerged showing how it's trying to embed cameras inside the display, which would mean no need for the notch, and a true edge-to-edge display on every side. We think Samsung might do something similar with the Galaxy S10 in 2019.

iPhone XS Max new iPhone 2019

iPhone XS Max

Don't worry though, Face ID fans: you'll still be able to unlock your phone with your face, and apparently faster Face ID will be one of the key upgrades for the 2019 iPhone 11. Again, that's according to Ming-Chi Kuo, who says the system will be quicker and more reliable by the time September 2019 rolls around.

Check out the concept video below that's been published online, showing not only a triple-lens rear camera, but also a notch-free front display for the new iPhone 2019. This is an unofficial clip, but it's based on some of the rumours we've been hearing already about the new handset.

We've also heard more extravagant rumours: that Apple might be planning to put a Touch Bar on the side of the iPhone 11, and could even come with a foldable screen of some description. To us that sounds like something that's more likely to appear in the iPhone 12 or the iPhone 13.

At the slightly more believable end of the scale, there's talk that the iPhone 11 will switch to USB-C, just like the iPad Pros have. Meanwhile, the digital artists of the web are continuing to keep themselves busy imagining what the iPhone 11 might look like, but remember that these concept images are mostly speculative.

new iPhone 2019 iPhone 11 concept

iPhone 11 concept (credit: Patently Apple)

Samsung is sure to provide some stiff competition for Apple and the iPhone 11 in 2019, and one way Apple might fight back is by including a stylus with the next batch of iPhones. That seems a little unlikely, but Apple Pencil support could definitely be on the cards.

The new iPad Pros Apple unveiled in October 2018 could offer up some more clues: very thin bezels, no notch, Face ID that works no matter how you're holding the device, and of course the A12X Bionic processor, which may well appear in the 2019 iPhones.

iPhone 11: what we want to see

iPhone XR

iPhone XR

No doubt work is already well underway on the next batch of iPhones for 2019, but if Apple's designers and engineers do happen to be reading this, we've got some thoughts on what they might want to do with the iPhone 11.

Battery life is something we could all use more of, and we'd love to see the iPhone 11 go for two days without charging. The A12X Bionic processor (or whatever Apple goes for as the main chip) should draw less power than its predecessors, but overall we're expecting about the same battery life as the iPhone XS – about 14 hours of video playback.

The camera is one of the areas that the Google Pixel phones arguably have the edge in at the moment, so Apple will want to make sure there's a significant upgrade here. Will it follow the Huawei P20 Pro and throw in an extra lens? Well, maybe not, but definitely look out for some upgrades to the optics.

We're expecting a rash of 5G phones to show up during the course of 2019, but it doesn't look like Apple will be among them – not surprising, perhaps, considering it's still very early days for 5G network infrastructure. Insider sources reckon Apple is going to save its 5G iPhone for 2010.