I'm buying the Google Pixel 7 - here's why

All of the reasons why the Google Pixel 7 will be the best choice for most people, including me

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Over in the Big Apple, two new smartphone heavy-weights have come into play and one of them has really caught my eye - so much so that I could see myself buying it as my next handset because it gets the balance just right between price, design and features. I am, of course, talking about the Google Pixel 7.

Following on from the 6th generation, which was one of the best phones of 2021, the Pixel 7 takes a winning formula and gives it a refresh, ready to take on the top dogs of 2022. 

I've been paying careful attention to the MadeByGoogle show and have come to the conclusion that there are actually a number of reasons why I want and maybe even need this smartphone in my life.

The camera features look incredible

Google is a pro at delivering not just an excellent camera system but one that comes loaded with tonnes of advanced AI-based features which will go a long way to improving the quality of the results. 

The Google Pixel 7 looks set to be one of the most advanced mid-rangers when it comes to its photography which is all thanks to features like Real Tone which authentically portrays skin tone and Photo Unblur which fixes photos that you didn't get quite right because of camera shake or low light. Read more about the Google Pixel 7 camera features you need to know about.

It's a seriously smart phone

The Google Tensor G2 chipset is featured in both of the new phones and supposedly makes machine learning run 60% faster and 20% more efficiently than before. Day to day that allows for more smarts that will all work even better than they did before. 

A great example of that in action is the fact that the Google Pixel 7 can be controlled entirely by voice so whether you're opening up apps or replying to emails, you can actually do it all hands-free if you wanted to. 

But it doesn't stop there, its voice typing capabilities are also some of the best in town. During the MadeByGoogle event, Google mentioned that it's actually two and a half times faster than using the keyboard and you can insert emojis by voice as well, which is really cool. It supposedly even works when you're not quite sure what the one you want is called. 

Another new feature on Pixel 7 that has won me over is Google's Advanced Speech Recognition Model which transcribes audio messages for times when you can't listen to them out loud. Personally, that's a feature I'd find myself using a lot! 

Perhaps the very best thing though, is that Pixel phones are always improving with shiny new features. For example, later this year, this phone will get Clear Calling which will improve your phone calls by isolating voices and removing distracting sounds like traffic or the wind so you can keep your focus on the conversation. 

The design is on point

I love the design of the Google Pixel 7 - it's sleek and sophisticated with a smooth aluminium frame that both looks good and makes it seem more durable. The camera module has had a bit of a shakeup and I think the aluminium used there looks really attractive. 

The fact that the frame is made from 100% recycled materials only goes further in convincing me that this is a great choice. But what's really good is that the whole thing is IP68 water and dust-resistant so will survive any little accidents when you're out and about.

When it comes to colourways, all three options look great but it was the Lemongrass, in particular, that caught my eye because it's bright enough to be noticed but yet subtle enough not to be an eye sore. 

Aside from looks, one thing that really draws me towards the Google Pixel 7 is its size and shape. I have very small hands so phones like the Google Pixel 7 Pro are just simply too big for me. But with a 6.3-inch screen and its weight coming in at only 197g the Google Pixel 7 seems like the perfect choice for me. 

Its price is just right 

When it comes down to it, it is the price that will be the deciding factor and the Google Pixel 7's is just right. You'll be able to buy it for just $599 in the US and £599 in the UK for the model with 128GB of storage. 

If you're thinking about buying it, you should take a look at the best Pixel deals from across the web right now.

Yasmine Crossland
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