'I’m a Celeb' star Frankie Bridge home workout will help you burn fat, shape up and clear your head

Get fit in 2022 with this T3 exclusive home workout from mental health advocate Frankie Bridge

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If you want a total fitness and lifestyle overhaul this January and need some celebrity fitspiration, look no further than this Frankie Bridge home workout. It's as simple as it is effective and uses bodyweight exercises only to help you get fit for 2022 in the most fun way possible. 

If there’s one woman out there who knows all about the power of fitness for transforming the body and mind, it’s the former pop princess-turned-TV presenter Frankie Bridge, best-selling author, and host of the popular Open Mind with Frankie Bridge podcast.

Following a successful singing career as a member of S Club 8 and then The Saturdays, Frankie is now a mental health advocate and regularly talks about the powerful role exercise plays in boosting her mental health following her own fight with depression and anxiety – something she openly talked about during her recent appearance on the latest series of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! where she reached the final three.

And if watching her battle her way through various Bushtucker Trials or being battered by wind, rain and big balls while pushing David Ginola to the top of the punishing Cyclone challenge hasn’t convinced you of her physical and mental strength and endurance, we’re not sure anything will!

Now, however, the wife of former professional footballer Wayne Bridge and busy mum-of-two is ready for a new challenge after teaming up with the exercise, nutrition and mindset experts at Results Wellness Lifestyle (RWL) to launch Results With Frankie - Health & Happiness: a new six-month fitness and wellbeing programme designed by Frankie and her team to give you all the tools you need to transform your fitness, lose inches and improve your wellbeing and confidence. Oh, and if you stick with it, you might just get a killer set of six-pack abs like Frankie, too!

Frankie Bridge workout: The secret to transforming your fitness

The key to sticking to any regular fitness programme, says Frankie, is to find the activities you enjoy doing so you’re more likely to carve out the time to fit them into your busy day.

‘Over the years, I’ve met so many women who, like me, are constantly doing the juggle – kids, work, family, life... and to be honest, prioritising your own exercise is last on the list.’ 

‘But, as the saying goes, ‘you never regret a workout’, and for me especially, once I found the type of workouts I enjoyed doing through RWL, it was a gamechanger. I love my energy-boosting workouts, and dance fitness, LITT (Low-Intensity Interval Training), weights and body combat are what have kept me consistent with my exercise routine.’

The Health & Happiness programme features all of Frankie’s favourite kinds of workouts above, and you can sign up for a free seven-day trial here. But if you can’t wait to kickstart your fitness in 2022, you can try the below boxing workout created exclusively for T3.com by RWL. 

Jenny Francis-Townson posing in a living room

Meet Jenny Francis-Townson, your new fave fitness instructor

(Image credit: Frankie Bridge)

Frankie Bridge workout: why try boxing?

‘The great thing about boxing is that you can do it anywhere, with zero equipment, and still get a killer workout,’ says Frankie’s LIIT and boxing fitness PT Jenny Francis-Townson. ‘When we bring boxing and kickboxing moves together, we get a full-body workout that hits every muscle while also getting our heart rates soaring.’

‘Boxing is also low impact so it’s kind on the joints,’ she adds. ‘And finally, it’s a fantastic mental workout too, as it requires you to really think about your movements and combinations, helping to reduce stress and anxiety and improve confidence.”

And don’t forget, all the twisting moves that feature in this boxing workout will hone your core to whittle your waist and give you’re the flat stomach of your dreams. Ready to give it a go? It’s time to put your fancy footwork to the test. 

Frankie Bridge workout: how to do it

There are six moves in this workout, and they should be performed as a circuit in the following order:

  • Squat punch
  • Power jab cross
  • Hooks
  • Sit-up punches
  • Reverse lunge kick
  • Knee ins

You need to complete the two different rounds, and each round requires you to perform two sets of the circuit. 

First Round: do 40 seconds of the first exercise, then rest for 20 seconds, before moving straight onto the second exercise for 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds, and continue working through the moves for 40 seconds work/20 seconds rest until you’ve performed all six exercises. Once finished, repeat this First Round for a second time to complete two sets of the circuit. 

Second Round: it’s the same format, except this time you do 30 seconds of work for each exercise, followed by 15 seconds of rest. Move through the six moves of the circuit twice to complete two sets. The shorter rests will get your blood pumping harder and raise your heart rate faster for an extra tough challenge that torches calories and burns fat.

Warm up and cool down: Make sure to warm-up thoroughly by performing movements that get bigger and higher in intensity as you progress. For example, start off gently with marching on the spot before moving on to shuffling from side-to-side boxer style and jumping jacks. And don’t forget to gently lower your heart rate after the workout by walking around until your pulse is back to normal - then hit the mat and use the best stretches to boost your flexibility.

Top tip: make sure to keep your core pulled in and engaged throughout the workout to really hit your abs.

Frankie Bridge workout: The boxing moves

Squat punch

Sit low in a squat, weight back in the heels and, holding this low position, perform jab cross punching moves directly in front of you for the whole set.

Jenny Francis-Townson performing the power jab cross exercise

(Image credit: Frankie Bridge)

Power Jab Cross

Stand with your right foot behind the left and a tiny bend in the knees. Bring your hands into fists and hold them up guarding your face. From here tense your abs and throw the left hand forward in front of you quickly, then snap it back to your face. Perform the same on the right. Repeat.

Jenny Francis-Townson performing the hook exercise

(Image credit: Frankie Bridge)


Stand with your right foot behind the left and a tiny bend in the knees. Bring your hands into fists and hold them up guarding your face. From here tense your abs and bring your right elbow out to the side wide and then bring your right fist forward round to your face. Repeat the move on the right side for the whole set. Then swap for set two.

Sit up punches

Sit on the floor and bend your knees putting your heels on the floor. Lie fully back and bring your hands up to your face in fists. Using your core, peel your upper body up off the floor and when you reach the top of the sit up position, perform two power Jab Cross punches. Then, with control, lower back to the ground.

Jenny Francis-Townson performing the reverse lunge kick exercise

(Image credit: Frankie Bridge)

Reverse Lunge Kick

From standing, step your left leg back behind you and bend both knees to bring you into a low lunge position. From here power through the front right foot and bring your left leg up and powerfully kick it forward in front of you. Immediately being it back down and into the reverse lunge to repeat the movement. Swap sides for the second set.

Jenny Francis-Townson performing the knee ins exercise

(Image credit: Frankie Bridge)

Knee ins

From standing, step your right leg behind you and lean your body forward, then bring both arms long in front of you. From here, power the right leg forward with a bent knee and ‘crunch’ it forward towards your chest, at the same time bringing your arms down either side of it. Immediately return to the start position and repeat for the whole set. Switch sides for the second set.


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