I tried Hotpod Yoga's new ‘Sleep Sessions’ class, and I've never fallen asleep quicker

I was lucky enough to preview Hotpod Yoga's brand new class...here are my thoughts

Hotpod Yoga sleep session
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As a wellness writer and reviewer, I'm always on the lookout for the next sleep hack or device. From the best mattresses to the best sleep trackers, there's a myriad of products released every day that are designed to optimise quality of sleep, and that won't be changing anytime soon. 

Recently, I've been practicing yoga to enter a restful state of mind before bed, and it's been quite refreshing to focus on a method instead of a specific device. I've found it extremely effective, so when I found out about Hotpod Yoga's new sleep-focused class, I knew I had to find out more. 

To mark World Sleep Day, the UK’s leading yoga brand officially announced the new ‘Sleep Sessions’ earlier today. The class will be launched into Hotpod Yoga studios across the country from 31st March, but I was lucky to enough to try the session myself earlier this week. Keep reading to find out how it works, and how effective I found it to be. 

Hotpod Yoga sleep session

(Image credit: Hotpod Yoga)

How do the Sleep Sessions work?

Hotpod Yoga has created the Sleep Sessions to address the importance of good quality sleep to our overall health and wellbeing. The class offers a calming and restorative flow that is suitable for all, drawing from different yoga styles to deliver a pure state of relaxation.

Hotpod Yoga is known for its unique, immersive yoga classes. Each class takes place in the brand's patented pod, creating an environment with soothing 37-degree heat, tranquil music, calming scents and glowing lights. 

The Sleep Sessions also take place in the pod, but the heat is reduced, making it the ideal introduction to Hotpod Yoga or just yoga in general. 

What was my experience like? 

As mentioned, I've been practising yoga a lot recently, especially to wind down after a long day. I was really excited to try the class and hopefully pick up some techniques I'd be able to practise at home. 

I arrived at the Hotpod Yoga Belgravia studio, which is about 10 mins from Sloane Square. It's a beautiful studio with a very tranquil feeling, perfectly aligning with what was about to take place. We had a quick introduction from Max Henderson, Hotpod Yoga's CEO and co-founder, who explained the development process behind the class and why it's such a special addition to the brand's timetable. 

It was then wonderful to hear from Dr Sophie Bostock, Sleep Scientist and consultant, who shared her tips on what we can do to support our sleep. Despite World Sleep Day taking place today, we've been focusing on it all week at T3, so it was really insightful to listen and take on board her thoughts. 

Dr Sophie Bostock explained that "yoga helps people to gain awareness and a sense of control over their minds and bodies, and there is evidence that regular yoga practice can help to improve not just strength and flexibility, but also immune function, mental health, sleep quality and overall wellbeing."

It was then time to enter the pod and position ourselves facing our teacher, Carla Turner. Carla explained to us how the class will focus on movement and poses that rest the body and calm the mind, weaving in mindfulness and guided meditation to bring about deep relaxation. Each of us were given a yoga mat, body pillow, eye pillow, towel and a couple of yoga blocks. As we began, Carla carefully demonstrated how to use the equipment for each position, describing how it was helping and relaxing our bodies. 

Throughout the 45 minutes, we tried a variety of positions and exercises. It was extremely calming, with relaxing sounds and smells circulating the pod. As we didn't move too quickly from one position to another, it meant we could all become as relaxed as possible, letting the restfulness take over our bodies without too much thought. I particularly enjoyed Carla's soothing meditative speech, and it was nice being transported away from the busyness of the outside world.

Soon enough, the session was drawing to an end, and the first thing I noticed was how peaceful my inner thoughts were. I usually have a lot running through my head due to the nature of my job, and it was so satisfying to experience this at 5pm on a Wednesday afternoon. I packed up and started to head home, and that feeling didn't go away the entire evening. I slept so well that night, and woke up feeling fully rested and restored. 

How can you book yourself in? 

There are 50 Hotpod Yoga studios located across the UK, and it's extremely easy to find your closest location on the brand's website. You can now book a Sleep Session from today but classes will take place from Sunday 31st March. Classes start from £12 and are 45 minutes long. 

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