6 tips for getting out of bed when it’s cold

Feeling the chill? Try these 6 tricks to get out of bed on winter mornings

How to get out of bed when it's cold, sleep & wellness tips
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Finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning because of the weather? Well, you’re definitely not alone as freezing temperatures, ice alerts and Arctic winds are currently hitting the UK.

Whether your home is naturally chilly, you’re trying not to turn the heating on or you’re dreading going outside, it’s gotten much harder to get out of bed due to the darker mornings and colder temperatures. It’s not only hard to endure but can delay your morning routine, prevent you from getting to work on time and put you in a bad mood.

Sadly, hibernating isn’t an option to avoid the cold, so we spoke to Martin Seeley, Sleep Expert and CEO of MattressNextDay, and he gave us 6 tips that will help you get out of bed when it’s cold.

P.S. If you’re looking for a new sleep set-up, check out our guide to the best mattress and keep warm this winter with the best duvet. We can’t promise they’ll make it easier for you to get out of bed though!

1. Wear warm clothes to bed

To get out of bed easier, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep by making sure you’re as warm and comfortable as possible. While you might think this will make you want to stay in bed longer, it can encourage you to get up as you won’t be cold when you emerge from the covers.

According to Seeley, “if you’re going to bed with only a few items of clothing on, you’ll wake up without any layers of protection, whereas going to bed suitably clothed increases your chances of waking up feeling warmer, making it easier to get out of bed. Not only this, but not wearing warm clothes to bed can lead to a disturbed night’s sleep, from becoming cold in the night and waking up.”

So, wearing your thickest pyjamas or putting on fluffy socks can encourage better sleep and improve your morning routine. Wearing socks to bed can also have surprisingly health benefits – see 5 reasons you should sleep with socks on for more. 

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2. Consume something warm when you wake up

Next, eat or drink something warm before you go to bed and as soon as you wake up. Having a hot drink before bed has been widely recognised as combating symptoms of insomnia, anxiety and sleep deprivation. Alongside aiding sleep, sipping a hot cup of tea before bed leaves you feeling warm and soothed, which is what you want before you hit the sheets. Try it yourself with 7 teas for sleep & anxiety.

Consuming something warm when you wake up is also a great way to get your morning started. “If you wake up in a cold room, this heightens feelings of hunger and reduces energy levels. Consume a hot drink and a hearty breakfast as soon as you can, like a hot tea, coffee or bowl of porridge. It will help you warm up from the inside out and feel better,” says Seeley.

3. Use the 10 second rule

This next tip might be a little tricky but it can definitely help you get out of bed despite the cold temperatures. According to Seeley, the worst thing you can do is lay in bed and fixate on how cold it is. This will result in you feeling unmotivated and will delay your morning. He explains that “as soon as your alarm goes off, give yourself 10 seconds before you jump straight out of bed, grab some warm clothes and leave your bedroom.” This 10 second rule might sound harsh but it can be very effective, plus the hard part of the morning is over quickly!

4. Have a hot shower

After you’ve used the 10 second rule, head straight to the shower. Having a shower or bath before bed can help you sleep better and having one in the morning gets the blood pumping, opens your pores and flushes out any toxins. So, if you’re cold in the morning, “a hot shower helps regulate your body temperature, gets your blood flowing and warms up your body gradually. This will also help you to feel warm until you get dressed, making your morning routine a lot easier,” says Seeley.

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5. Schedule your heating for the early morning

Due to the cost of living crisis, energy, electricity and water bills are at an all time high. So, it’s unsurprising that people are avoiding turning on their heating and instead wearing an extra jumper or wrapping up in one of the best electric blankets. However, if you’re able to use your heating, there are a couple tricks you can use to make your home comfortable while keeping the costs down. 

Seeley suggests scheduling your heating “to come on early in the morning and on a low setting” to take away the morning chill and help you wake up comfortably. To conserve the heat, “keep your bedroom door shut to ensure the heat stays in your room.” For money saving tips, check out how to save money on your energy, water & electricity bills.

6. Invest in a wake up light

Who wants to get out of bed when it’s dark and cold? Alongside the drop in temperature, the lack of natural light in the mornings is extremely off putting and makes it harder for you to wake up naturally as it disrupts your circadian rhythm. 

To get some brightness into your room and aid your internal body clock, Seeley recommends investing in a wake up light. The best wake up lights mimics the rising of the sun by brightening its light and waking you gradually. Seeley states that with a wake up light, “you’re more likely to experience cognitive benefits such as improved memory and concentration when you wake up from light rather than sound. It’s been noted that sunlight in the mornings can improve your overall wellbeing, increase energy and productivity, so this may be useful in helping you rise each morning.”

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