5 reasons you should sleep with your socks on

The surprising benefits to sleeping with your socks on

Why you should sleep with socks on, sleep & wellness tips
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Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? Or maybe your toes are feeling the chill? If you’re looking for ways to improve your night’s rest, it could be time to start sleeping with your socks on.

Wearing socks to bed is a surprisingly controversial topic. While the majority of people prefer to sleep barefoot, there’s actually lots of research that suggests wearing socks to bed can be beneficial to your sleep quality and general wellbeing.

From helping you drift off quicker to preventing your feet from going numb, here are 5 reasons you should be sleeping with your socks on.

1. Fall asleep quicker

Regardless of whether you're a sock lover or hater, no one likes having cold feet, especially when you’re trying to get to sleep. Many studies suggest that sleeping in socks can help you fall asleep quicker. As feet, hands and ears lose heat the quickest, it’s important to keep these nice and warm to prevent you from getting sick and to help your body relax. According to The Sleep Doctor, warming your feet before bed gives your brain a clear signal that it’s time to go to sleep which can help you drift off quicker.

2. Improves circulation

If you have problems with your circulation, wearing socks to bed can be a great way to solve this issue. A person’s core body temperature and sleep cycle are connected and managed by your internal clock or circadian rhythm. So, by keeping your feet warm, you increase the blood circulation in your feet and speed up the rate that your core body temperature drops. This not only results in better quality sleep but it also relaxes the blood vessels and ensures healthier oxygen and blood flow.

3. Regulates temperature & hot flashes

Similar to improving your circulation, sleeping in socks regulates your temperature. Warming up your feet lowers your overall body temperature and helps your body release more heat through the skin, which can keep your body cool throughout the night. Research has also shown that women who experience menopause have less hot flashes when they wear socks to bed.

Benefits to sleeping with socks on

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4. Prevents Raynaud’s disease

Raynaud’s disease is a common condition that affects the blood supply to your fingers and toes. This disease causes blood to tighten and limit circulation which can leave your skin cold, discoloured and swollen. Wearing socks while you sleep can help prevent this from happening or flaring up by improving your blood circulation.

5. Helps with skin

If you love to pamper and care for your skin before bed, wearing socks to sleep in can make your skin softer and more hydrated. Applying lotion or moisturiser to your feet before bed and then putting socks on traps in moisture which prevents your feet from getting too dry and improves skin conditions like cracked heels.

Which socks should you wear to bed?

Despite all the sleep and health benefits that come with sleeping in socks, there are a few negatives. One of the most common concerns is that people don’t like the feel of socks so prefer their feet to be free when they sleep. If your socks are too tight or unclean, your feet are more at risk of infection or odours, and you might find that wearing socks to bed makes you overheat, despite their temperature regulating benefits. Overall, it depends what type of socks you’re wearing to bed.

When picking a pair of socks to sleep in, you’re going to want to avoid anything too tight. Tight socks can cut off your blood flow which will make your feet colder and affect how long it takes your core body temperature to drop. It’s worth noting here that wearing compression socks to sleep in should be avoided unless told otherwise by your doctor.

Choose socks that are loose, warm and breathable. Socks made of natural fibres like cotton, wool and cashmere are the best options, and you can also find socks that are specifically designed to be worn in bed. Finally, remember to wash them regularly and try to wear a different pair every night to keep your feet in top condition.

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