Here’s why you shouldn’t sleep naked in a heatwave

Sleeping naked in the heatwave? Stop immediately!

Sleeping naked in a heatwave
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Despite exiting the summer months (which in the UK was filled with rain and misery), we’re now being hit by a long awaited heatwave! While many people are basking in the sun and enjoying the last rays of summer before autumn, it’s getting a little hot and sweaty in the bedroom… no, not in THAT way.

Sleeping in a heatwave is difficult. Regardless of whether you have the best mattress for the job, due to the heat, many of us are left tossing and turning, soaked in sweat and feeling uncomfortable. While there are many debates over whether you should sleep with a fan on at night, it’s also contested whether you should ditch your pyjamas and sleep in the buff.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t be sleeping naked in the heatwave… and here’s why.

Why you shouldn’t sleep naked in a heatwave

It may seem like the obvious choice to sleep naked in the heat to allow air from the best fans to get to your body and cool you down. But actually, sleeping in the nude can make your sleep worse. The reason for this is because sweat collects on the body and stays there, which results in you feeling hotter and stickier. Sweat needs to be wicked or drawn away from your body to cool you down, and having no clothes on prevents this from happening.

Another reason why sleeping naked negatively impacts your sleep is because of body temperature. In order to fall asleep, your body temperature will naturally drop and get colder which indicates to your brain and body that it’s time to rest. During a heatwave, it can be harder to fall asleep due to the temperature and lighter evenings, which can severely mess with your body clock or circadian rhythm.

As sleeping naked means your body retains more sweat and heat, this stops you from cooling down and feeling sleepy so you stay awake for longer. This is also why many experts recommend sleeping in a cold room.

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What to wear to bed during a heatwave

With sleeping naked out of the question, what should you sleep in during a heatwave? Many experts recommend light and moisture-wicking clothing. Cotton and linen pyjamas are the best for this as they’re lightweight, soak up any sweat and wick it away to cool you down.

While putting on a layer is probably the last thing you want to do, choosing pyjamas, shirts or nighties that are made in these materials can help you feel more comfortable and sleep better. If you want more air, choose shorter pyjamas or underwear sets to allow for a better breeze and comfort. As long as you have a layer on, you should be able to fall asleep quicker and have a more rested and less disrupted night’s sleep.

For more sleep advice, check out the 5 best cooling fabrics to wear in the heat.

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