Forget chocolate! These Lego Advent calendar deals make everything awesome

From Harry Potter to Marvel to Star Wars: these Lego Advent calendars have 30% off in the Black Friday sales for Christmas

Lego Advent calendar deal
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Did someone say 'Christmas'? I've more than heard mutterings about 'the big day' in recent times, which means it's time to get prepped for the countdown by bagging one of the best Advent calendars. But not any ol' chocolate-filled Advent calendar, oh no, let me tempt you with a whole bunch of Lego Advent calendars – because everything is awesome

Even more awesome, it so happens, because all of these Lego Advent calendars are discounted as part of the best Black Friday deals – and the 'worst' thing is that I don't know which one to pick. I should probably hurry up and make up my mind, though, as these limited-time deals are among those likely to sell out this weekend if previous Black Friday events are anything to go by. 

Lego Harry Potter 2023 Advent calendar: was £29.99,now £20.99 at Lego

Lego Harry Potter 2023 Advent calendar: was £29.99, now £20.99 at Lego

Save £9: I remember the Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar back in 2022 because people went wild for the discount and that sold out in double-quick time. Someone has cast a 30% off spell for this year's kit, and as someone who became obsessed with Hogwart's Legacy (the videogame, if you don't know it) this year, this looks like a fun option for child, teen or adult alike. 

Lego Star Wars 2023 Advent calendar: was £29.99,now £20.99 at Lego

Lego Star Wars 2023 Advent calendar: was £29.99, now £20.99 at Lego

Save £9: If you're a Star Wars fan and you haven't already dashed out to buy the Lego Star Wars AT-TE Walker, which is also on sale, then here's a chance to redeem yourself (and save some cash in the process). This 30%-off Star Wars calendar has got some great-looking Minifigs (Wookie, anyone), and while not everything is scaled sensibly, it looks like a lot of fun. 

Lego Marvel Avengers 2023 Advent calendar: was £29.99now £20.99 at Lego

Lego Marvel Avengers 2023 Advent calendar: was £29.99 now £20.99 at Lego

Save £9: There's 30% off this, um, Marvel-lous Lego Advent calendar, which appears to include many of my favourites: there's Spider-Man, Iron Man, a cheeky Captain America shield, Thor, and much more besides. I'd rather have this to open each day than sit through the most recent movie to be honest.  

Lego Friends 2023 Advent Calendar: was £19.99,now £13.99 at Toys R Us

Lego Friends 2023 Advent Calendar: was £19.99, now £13.99 at Toys R Us

Save £6: Okay, so this one might not be my favourite, but I'm sure younger kids would love it. It's rated 6+ due to the small parts, of course, but having spotted that little moveable trainset I'm sure this Friends Advent calendar will please and delight any lil'un who is lucky enough to own one.

Lego Christmas Wreath:was £34.99now £27.99 at Lego

Lego Christmas Wreath: was £34.99, now £27.99 at Lego

Save £7: Okay, okay, this is a bonus round, as I'm well aware this is certainly not an Advent calendar. But I'm super tempted to buy one to actually hang on the front door instead of the usual mash-up of plant life (or fake plastic plants). Somehow there's a whopping 510 pieces in here, so that'll take up a few fun-filled hours to build.

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