8 hilarious gadget-based stand-up routines

The world of tech can be a funny place and these gags show you why

Let's face it, tech is funny. When you combine bundles of plastic and wires with humans, comedy is a certainty. That fact hasn't escaped the world's greatest comedians, so here we celebrate tech with a round-up of the funniest tech-based stand-up routines.

Here at T3, we love tech, but we can also see the funny side, so here are some of our favourite tech infuenced comedy routines - from British stand-ups, to American comedy stalwarts, take a moment out of your day and enjoy.

Jerry Seinfeld - Anti-Social phone interaction

Veteran comedian Jerry Seinfeld thinks the way we communicate with our phones is very ant0-social, even when we're using them for social means. As always Seinfeld puts a great spin on the subject, instead of just repeating what others have said before him.

Eugene Mirman - Facebook Ads

American funnyman Eugene Mirman takes a swipe at those nonsensical ads that seem to takeover our entire Facebook feed, often displaying baffling content. 'Sell Gold Canyon candles?' Yes please!

Aziz Ansari – Tech and girls

A classic comedy routine, Ansari picks up on issues we all find with texting members of the opposite sex and trying, and often failing, to get our true points across.

Stephen Merchant – Texting

Comedians seem to love routines about texting, this time it's The Office and Extras writer and rather tall gentleman Stephen Merchant, giving his typical nerdy view of the subject.

Jack Dee – Phones

As with anything involving the dour Jack Dee, you know you're going to be in for a lot of moaning. Taking the brunt of the criticism here is the mobile, be it changing languages and forgetting how to get back, or the often derided 'call-back' feature.

Dwayne Perkins – Technology Sucks

The title of this routine pretty much proves that tech is not in for an easy ride, and once you've watched it all, you'll know why. This guy really hates phones.

Harry Enfield and Ronnie Corbett – Apple, Blackberry

Yep, both Apple and Blackberry are, along with the names of some rather high-profile tech companies, fruit. This coincidence opens the doors to a load of, fairly similar, jokes, though the classic British humour of Corbett and Enfield gives the best end result.

Louis CK – Smartphone users

Instead of taking his anger out on the tech brands, Louis CK mixes things up and goes straight after the people who actually use the gadgets. With a wild mix and hilarity and a very flowery vocab, this will change how you talk about your mobile.