The best protein shake blender 2020

Make protein smoothies and more and get ripped by means of fruit, veg and whey powder

best protein shake blender 2019

Looking to concoct the perfect post-workout shake? These protein-pummelling blenders and smoothie makers are your blade-twirling wing men.

Getting well and truly hench is hard. It requires dedication to a solid gym routine, healthy eating habits and an almost unhealthy intake of protein, plus a multitude of other supplements, if you're really serious.

Unfortunately, our hectic lifestyles can make it very difficult to consume an entire chicken, two tuna steaks and a few turkey breasts every day, so the modern gym goer has turned to protein powders and blends to get the nutrients needed to 'get swole'.

You could concoct these protein-rich beverages in a plastic shaker using nothing but arm power. It's probably a great workout, but it's also time-consuming, and the results can be frankly gruel-like. 

The truth is, protein shakes taste better when properly blended and that means investing in a protein shake/smoothie blender, with powerful blades that will happily slice through fruit and veg, and incorporate the protein powder smoothly.

Unlike 'normal' blenders (which will also do a job when it comes to protein shakes), these feature handy takeaway mixing cups, reducing the amount of washing up required.

What is the best protein shake blender?

Unusually for T3, I didn't steer straight for the most expensive gizmo on the market. In fact, I found the extremely reasonable Breville VBL062 Blend Active to be one of the best protein shake makers in the business... And it can be picked up for under £20.

The 300w motor and removable blades do a good job of slicing through raw fruit and veg, while the 600ml sports bottle/mixing compartment slot into bicycle bottle holders and most car cupholders with ease, meaning you can take it to the gym and slurp it before, during or after a workout. 

Will it last forever? Quite possibly not. But for 20 quid, who cares?

How to buy the best protein blender for your needs

It really comes down to how extravagant you want that final protein shake to be, what the bank balance says and how sexy an appliance you wish to own.

The aforementioned Breville, for example, is perfectly good at creating a smooth blend but can struggle with beefier items (like beef) and probably won't be featuring in the pages of Wallpaper magazine any time soon.  

Part with a few more pennies and it's possible to bag stainless steal beauties from the likes of NutriBullet that use 'Bullet Cyclonic Action' to force fruit and whatnot through 'turbo extractor blades' at an incredible 25,000 RPM.

These tend to create a much smoother blend from pretty much any foodstuff you can think of, which allows users to get creative with protein shakes and move away from the typically ghastly, sickly sweet tastes that many powders provide.

The best protein shake blenders to buy today

1. Breville VBL062 Blend Active Personal Blender

Best protein shake blender for the money

Power: 300W
Capacity: 600ml
Features: Takeaway sports bottles
Reasons to buy
+Simple to use+Ready to drink+Stops powder collecting
Reasons to avoid
-Not beautiful-Nor hugely powerful 

It's probably not going to win any Red Dot Design awards but the Breville Active is a great blend – ho ho – of affordability and functionality, with a handy takeaway sports bottle that makes transporting protein-based sustenance a doddle.

Making a great shake is as simple as loading up the bottle with fruit, veg, protein powder and liquid, screwing on the removable blade base, ensuring the cap is locked and hitting the 'blend' button.

The 300W motor and sharp blades are powerful enough to crush ice and do a good job of obliterating food matter into a tasty, drinkable format, while the Blend-Active's design prevents powder collecting around the edges, for an ultra-smooth beverage.

Once blended, you simply screw the lockable cap onto the 600ml sports bottle and take it away. Zero fuss and less washing up faff than other models.

Admittedly, the motor isn't powerful enough, nor is the capacity large enough, to accept and slice whole fruits and un-chopped veg, so there is a small amount of preparation involved, but it's a very solid protein machine for the low cost.

2. Nutribullet Pro 1000 Series Extractor Blender

Best deluxe protein shake blender

Power: 1000w
Capacity: 930ml
Features: Hands-free blending
Reasons to buy
+Pulverises stuff to a fine pulp+Powerful motor
Reasons to avoid
-Comparatively expensive

Probably the biggest name in the smoothie maker/blender game, Nutribullet raises the bar somewhat with its ability to liquefy ingredients like no other.

Its patented 'cyclone technology' and powerful 1000W motor crushes fruit and veg with aplomb, cracking stems, slicing through seeds and shredding tough skins to create drinks that do away with the pithy pulp that's often found in other, typically cheaper blenders.

Technology inside the Nutribullet 1000 means it knows exactly when to speed up and slow down at various intervals throughout a 45 second auto-cycle, and shuts off automatically after optimum extraction, while a giant 930ml jug allows for batch protein shake making.

Overkill for a simple protein shake? We'd say so, but if you like to throw kale, spinach and other anti-oxidant rich veg into your daily drink, and don't like any texture at all, other than a fine emulsion, this is the perfect machine.

3. Sage by Heston Blumenthal BPB550BA The Boss To Go Blender

The most stylish protein shake blender

Power: 1000w
Capacity: 500ml
Features: Shatter-resistant tumbler
Reasons to buy
+Powerful and stylish
Reasons to avoid

Heston is an arrogant so and so, isn't he? Only the shiny-headed experimental chef would label his takeaway blender 'The Boss', but he does have some credentials to back up his claim.

For a start, there's a powerful 1000 watt motor and Sage's Kinetix blending action, which is said to blend up to 42% finer than rivals. How they worked that out, we don't know, but it does give results comparable to the market-leading Nutribullet.

It's also a handsome thing with powerful blending prowess, meaning those fancy veg-infused protein shakes are free from nasty pips and seeds, while the takeaway mixing cups feel chunky and robust.

Many will find the asking price for this protein provider a bit steep, but if your kitchen is already choc full of tech from Sage and other high-end, top-whack brands, it could be a must-have.

4. Promixx 2.0 Vortex Mixer

Best protein shake maker for gym purists

Power: not quoted
Capacity: 600ml
Features: Portable mixing
Reasons to buy
+Simple to use+Surprisingly powerful blend
Reasons to avoid

For those who simply want to mix a protein supplement powder with milk or water, there is a simpler and more portable solution than breaking out a kitchen blender.

This rechargeable Vortex Mixer from Promixx uses a 16,000rpm high-torque motor to blend liquids and powder into a smooth drink when on the go.

Protein shakes should really be consumed within a couple of hours of blending, so fashioning a shake in the morning and drinking it in the afternoon isn't really advised.

So, this Promixx unit features a handy storage pod for powders and other supplements, meaning drinks can be made quickly and easily in the changing rooms or at the office.

The use of vortex-creating, blunt blades means adding fruit and veg is off limits, but it is surprisingly good at creating a smooth blend, while the Lithium-Ion battery will last a week of punishing workouts.

5. Nutri Ninja Pro Complete Personal Blender

Powerful chopping skills, going cheap

Power: 900W
Capacity: 650ml
Features: Pulse mode
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
-Ugly as hell

Karate chop the crap out of your daily shake with Nutri Ninja's powerful blending system, which uses a 900W motor, specially designed blades and a pulse button for dealing with the more stubborn end of the fruit and veg market.

It's a simple but effective system that harnesses the power of a 21,000rpm motor to rip through ice, sliced fruit and even raw vegetables, with those patented blades doing a great job of not getting clogged up with pulp.

It also manages to be a lot quieter than some of the other models featured here and comes with two single-serve takeaway cups. It is not an attractive thing by any means, but then pumpin' iron isn't meant to be beautiful, dude.