Best of VivaTech 2024: T3's top tech from this year's show

VivaTech has shown us a variety of innovative technologies from around the world

Vivatach 2024
(Image credit: Vivatech)

VivaTech, known as Europe's largest innovation and startup tech conference, is taking place this week. Manufacturers from across the world fled to Paris to display their latest products, and boy, was it exciting. With thousands of exhibitors and talks from tech leaders and industry experts, there's no place we would rather be. 

We took it upon ourselves to roam around the show floor, exploring everything from the biggest tech releases to the hidden startup gems. Whilst there are many themes taking place across the event, it's clear that AI is a main feature this year, especially due to the recent influence it's had on the tech industry as a whole.  

So, here is T3's top tech from VivaTech 2024, including five of the most groundbreaking products from the breadth of offerings at the show. Enjoy!

1. L'Oréal Airlight Pro

L’Oréal Airlight Pro

(Image credit: L’Oréal)

After its release at CES 2024, it was great to see the L’Oréal AirLight Pro up close for the first time. Made for both beauty professionals and consumers at home, AirLight Pro combines infrared light with high-speed wind to efficiently dry hair. It's also able to style multiple hair types, and uses up to 31% less energy consumption than some of the best hair dryers on the market. 

Unlike conventional hair dryers that feature only thermal rods, the AirLight Pro is equipped with a special 17-blade, high-speed motor and infrared technology to deliver fast hair drying without excessive heat. By efficiently drying water on the hair surface, hair is left with internal moisture in the strand resulting in smooth, shiny hair. 

As a headline brand, the L’Oréal has taken centre stage at the show this year. We were also able to get an exclusive with two of L’Oréal's senior officers, so keep an eye out for that within the next few weeks. 

2. Esper Hand

Esper Hand

(Image credit: Esper Bionics)

After launching in 2022, Esper Bionics showcased its AI-powered prosthetic arm for the first time at VivaTech 2024. The 'Esper Hand' features intuitive self-learning technology that's able predict intended movement faster than similar prosthetics. For example, when the user wants to control the arm for a particular purpose, their brain sends impulses to specific muscles to activate them.

Esper Hand has five movable digits and can rotate and grip in multiple ways. Weight 380g, it's made from a variety of developed materials and comes in four sizes and five colours.

Due to the immense amount of AI innovations at VivaTech this year, the Esper Bionics stand has been seeing a huge amount of interest. Not only is it an extremely impressive device, but it opens up a world of opportunity for amputees or those born with congenital anomalies. 

3. BHOUT Bag


(Image credit: BHOUT)

Another interesting contribution was the BHOUT Bag, the world's first AI boxing bag. After six years in the making, the bag comes fitted with smart technology and biometric sensors that can analyse the user's strikes and strength through the BHOUT app.  

The bag allows a 180º rotation, meaning it's able to perform all sorts of strength training exercises and complement cardio. Users can also can also become trainers and earn in-app currency, providing fitness content creators with a new platform to reach potential customers. 

The BHOUT stand has also been attracting a lot of attention, and the brand has set up a couple of bags to give attendees the full experience, proving to be very popular. 

4. Lancôme Renergie Nano-Resurfacer

Lancôme Renergie Nano-Resurfacer

(Image credit: Lancôme)

The L’Oréal Airlight Pro wasn't the only piece of revolutionary beauty tech available, with the Lancôme Renergie Nano-Resurfacer also gaining a lot of attention. It's a beauty device that has been specifically developed to boost cosmetic penetration into stratum corneum and amplify product performance. 

The device is powered by breakthrough patented nanochip technology made of more than 400 ultra-precise nano-tips for clinically tested results at home. It's also designed to invigorate skin cell regeneration and decrease the appearance of fine lines, so it's no surprise how popular it's been.  

5. Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

(Image credit: Tesla)

As Elon Musk is one of VivaTech's headline speakers for the second year in a row, it would have been strange if the Tesla Cybertruck wasn't present at the event.  It officially went on sale to the general public last year and has since gained a name for itself as a decent electric alternative. 

Tesla suggest that the Cybertruck will be capable of up to 500 miles of range, while managing a 0-60 time of under three seconds. Its ultra-hard stainless steel exterior helps reduce the chance of dents, damage and long-term corrosion, whereas its modern cabin is packed with advanced technology features. 

With many people intrigued by the Cybertruck's design, the chance to finally get a good look up close has been more than appealing. 

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