Best camping accessories: the gadgets and gear you need for the ultimate camping trip

Whether you’re staying on a campsite with friends or heading into the wilderness alone, these clever camping accessories will help you enjoy new levels of comfort and fun outdoors

The best camping accessories

There’s nothing like a camping trip to blast away the cobwebs of everyday stress, especially if your backpack is stuffed with the best camping accessories the outdoor world has to offer.

Tents and sleeping bags are a given here, so when we say camping accessories we mean stuff like lanterns to help you see your way to the loo at night, portable stoves for brewing up coffee and melting marshmallows, and the snuggliest camping blanket ever made. Yep, such a thing exists.

The best camping accessories are designed to keep you safe, dry, fed and entertained in the wilds… Even if your ‘wild’ means a well-appointed campsite in Devon (hey, there's no judgement here). Lighting is an easy way to make your trip better, as with a camping lantern you can hang out (and see what you’re doing) well into the evening.

When it comes to tent lights, LED is the way to go if you’re looking to make the most out of battery power. If you prefer the idea of a headtorch, it's a case of the higher the lumens the better.

Another thing to consider is how you’ll keep yourself fed, and how to do it without giving your squad food poisoning. 

You’ll find some camping accessories below to help with cooking, plus some luxury camping gadgets to keep you toasty and entertained (you know, for those times when you’ve had enough of staring at trees). 

So, are you ready campers? Then check out our list of the best camping accessories to take your time outdoors to the next level...

Best camping accessories

1. BioLite Camp Stove II

Brew coffee and turn fire into power for your phone

Reasons to buy
+Turns fire into electricity+Smokeless design+Four fan speeds to control flame size
Reasons to avoid
-Remains hot for a little while after use

The BioLite Camp Stove II is one of the best camping accessories money can buy. Why? Because this little beauty turns fire into electricity. Yep, not only will it heat up your water for coffee, it'll then charge your phone or portable speaker. 

This incredible camping gadget has become a firm favourite since its original conception, and is now even better with 50 per cent more power and an updated LED dashboard so that you see how much power is left.

It's smokeless by design and offers four different fan settings, each enabling you to control the size of the flames. Team it with the BioLite Kettle Pot and Portable Grill, and get brewing campfire hot chocolate and melting those marshmallows.

Universal Ears WONDERBOOM portable Bluetooth speaker in orange

2. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Portable Speaker

The best camping accessory for impromptu on-site parties

Reasons to buy
+10 hours of battery life+Fully waterproof+Light and portable
Reasons to avoid
-Nothing that we know of

A lightweight and portable Bluetooth speaker is one luxury camping accessory that will turn any camping trip into a party. It’s vital that you go for a waterproof speaker that's super durable too, and the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom ticks both of those boxes. 

In fact, you can fully submerge it underwater without worry, as the Wonderboom will float back to the surface with ease.

The Wonderboom makes our best camping accessories list because of its durable design, 10 hours battery life and impressive 360-degree sound. Trust us, there's more more than enough power here for your little slice of the campsite.

Best camping accessories

3. Rumple Down Puffe Blanket

The snuggliest camping blanket ever made

Reasons to buy
+So soft and snuggly+Extra warm for autumn camping
Reasons to avoid

The best camping accessory for anyone who complains about being too cold, the Rumpl Puffe is a battery-powered heated blanket to keep you toasty warm during autumn and winter camping. 

It took Kickstarter by storm and now it's finally available here in the UK. Made by Rumpl, a purveyor of luxury camping blankets and sleeping bags, the Puffe will warm you up in seconds. 

Spread it over your sleeping bag for mega warmth during the coldest nights, or use it to juice up your phone if you need emergency power. It's water-resistant to withstand any in-tent spillages, and packs down into a tiny bag when you're done.

SUBOOS Ultra Bright LED Tent Light

4. SUBOOS Ultra Bright LED Tent Light

A handy LED tent light for illuminating your way

Reasons to buy
+Three brightness levels+Lasts between 6 and 24 hours
Reasons to avoid
-You'll need spare batteries for long trips

Whether it’s getting dressed in the dark or searching under sleeping bags for something you’ve dropped, early mornings and late nights when camping are tricky to navigate. Unless, of course, you've had the good sense to pack a bright LED tent light.

The SUBOOS Ultra Bright light is our top pick because it hangs up neatly and doesn't take up too much headroom. You can also quickly take it down if you need it to accompany you to the loo at night (just don't go blasting anyone in the face with it).

This nifty tent light light has three brightness levels. The brightest offers six hours of charge, and the dimmest around 24 hours, which is plenty for a couple of days camping. You may want to pack spare batteries if you’re camping for longer.

Kestrel Heavy Duty Padded Camping Chair

5. Kestrel Heavy Duty Padded Camping Chair

The best camping accessory for boosting your comfort level

Reasons to buy
+Extra-high back rest+Padded for enhanced comfort+Built-in cup holder
Reasons to avoid
-Legs are a bit spindly

Ok so it's not the most exciting camping accessory, but when you’ve spent your day hiking and your night sleeping on the floor, you’ll be grateful for this supremely comfortable and well-padded camping chair to slip into. 

The high backrest provides maximum support for your bag, and there are mesh inserts to encourage airflow in the hotter months.

It also folds down easy, you can throw it into the included shoulder bag for carrying back to the car when you're done camping.

Blue Aquafree Waterproof Drybag

6. Aquafree Waterproof Drybag

A simple solution to the problem of wet and muddy clothes

Reasons to buy
+Fully waterproof +Five different sizes available 
Reasons to avoid
-Adjustable strap can be stiff at first

When camping, it’s likely that you and your belongings will get just a teeny tiny bit wet and muddy. If your tent has a porch or separate living and bedroom space, that gives you a place to remove clothes without getting mud all over your sleeping bag. 

Once you’re out of your muddy clothes, though, you'll want to keep them away from your dry, clean stuff. That's why the Aquafree Waterproof Drybag is in our round-up of the best camping accessories. 

It's lightweight and durable, with a reinforced seal preventing any water or mud from escaping onto your lovely dry clothes. You can buy it in five different sizes, with the smallest costing less than your take-away lunch.

Best camping accessories

7. BoxNet Mosquito Net

The best camping accessory for those who hate insects

Reasons to buy
+Protection against midges+Hooks and hanging cords included
Reasons to avoid
-Looks a bit creepy

T3 was lucky enough once to camp near the shoreline of Loch Lomond. The views were stunning. The midges were a nightmare. We wish we had this net to provide some protection. 

The BoxNet Mosquito Net is a must if you're camping somewhere hot and humid, where mosquitos and other insects might be a nuisance. It comes with everything you need to erect it, and can be positioned over your camping cot with a fly-entry for climbing in and out. 

Yes it looks like something out of that well-creepy horror film starring Nicole Kidman, but your flesh will thank you for it come morning.

Polar Gear Premium Family Cool Bag

8. Polar Gear Premium Family Cool Bag

The easy way to keep food fresh and cool when camping

Reasons to buy
+Well insulated+Wipe clean+Food safe PVC-free lining
Reasons to avoid
-Single compartment only

This family-size cool bag is great for keeping your treats and beverages fresh and colder for longer during your camping trip. It has a thick thermal lining that insulates well, and comes with an ice pack to help keep the temperature chilly. 

When you’re finished, the bag folds down flat for easy carrying and handy storage. Our favourite feature has to be the easy access flap in the lid, which means you can get your food out without opening the entire bag. Hey, sometimes it's the simple things that please the most.

Best camping accessories

9. Festakits Deluxe Festival and Camping Survival Kit

The best camping accessories in one handy bag

Reasons to buy
+Over 20 items in one kit+Packs down small
Reasons to avoid
-Not the highest-quality items

If you’re in a hurry and want a one-stop pack to see you right, this Festival and Camping Survival Kit Bag could be the best camping accessory for you. 

The pack includes over 20 items that will serve you well on any camping trip or festival outing. There's toothbrush and toothpaste, a first aid kit, a poncho, some disposable toilet seat covers, suntan lotion, and rehydration sachets for the morning after.

There’s also ear plugs and a sleep mask to help you deal with early morning sunshine and noisy pitch neighbours. Oh, and UV body paint. Now that's a camping gear essential.