The best camping accessories 2018: make sure you have the ultimate camping trip

It’s you against the great outdoors. Discover everything you need to stay on top with our list of the best camping accessories

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Whether it’s the family camping trip or a weekend of carnage with your mates, there are some staple tent accessories that are backpack essentials when it comes to comfort and convenience in the great outdoors. 

While some tent accessories are just downright obvious, like a warm, cosy sleeping bag and an inflatable camping mat for a good night’s kip, there are some other items that you should probably think about purchasing if you want the upper hand when it comes to tackling the trials and tribulations of the average campsite – like tent ropes, hooks and the odd rabbit hole.

Camping torches and lights are key, so head over to Amazon for some good deals

When it comes to tent lights, LED is the way to go if you’re looking to make the most out of battery power. But, for a bright, powerful head torch to guide you to the toilet block and back safely, the higher the lumens the better. 

Our first pick, the Petzl Reactik Rechargeable Intelligent Headtorch, is an excellent, lightweight all-rounder - we’ve also put together a complete list of the best head torches to give you some variation. 

When you’re sat around the fire with a beer in hand, it’s the perfect moment to rock out your portable bluetooth speaker for some background tuneage. There’s a massive portable speaker market out there; you can get one for as little as a tenner if tinny sound is your thing. But for dynamic, immersive, 360 degree sound, you’re gonna have to raise your stakes, with Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 one of the best for quality beats. 

Take a look out our list of the best tent accessories to get yourself campsite ready.

The best camping accessory

1. Petzl Reactik Rechargeable Intelligent Headtorch

Make it to the toilet block and back unscathed by investing in a decent headtorch

Best for: Hands-free light
Lumens: 220
Power: Rechargeable batteries
Weight: 115g
Reasons to buy
+Sensor for reactive light+Weather resistant

Your camping bag isn’t complete without a decent headtorch; this Petzl one is lightweight, powerful and reacts to different lighting conditions so you’re not blasting through battery power unnecessarily. 

Choose between three burn times (3.5 hours, 6 hours and 12 hours) and that’ll regulate how much power it uses on max, standard and max autonomy settings.

You can charge up the batteries via USB, and it also comes with red lighting for night vision mode. As a bonus, it’s completely weatherproof. You: 1, Great British summer: 0.

Outwell Cardinal sleeping bag

2. Outwell Cardinal

You only have to look at this sleeping bag to fall in love with it

Best for: Warmth and comfort
Down: Synthetic
Season: Three season
Reasons to buy
+Built in pillow+Ideal for colder months

A lot of sleeping bags just don’t cut it when it comes to comfort levels, but this offering from Outwell is in a different league. It’s stuffed with microfibre polyester, which is lightweight but ultra-warm, and the catenary-shaped opening allows you to open and close the bag to regulate temperature. 

You’ll never have to worry about forgetting a pillow again, as this bag comes with one inserted, and you won’t feel squished in like a sardine thanks to its extra-wide shape. 

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 speaker

3. Ultimate Ears BOOM 2

Built to battle everything a campsite can throw it at

Best for: Decent sound
Bluetooth: Yes
Power: Battery, Micro USB
Reasons to buy
+360 degree sound+Waterproof up to 1m for 30 minutes

If you want your speaker to survive a weekend of carnage (family or mates), you need to invest in one that’s virtually lifeproof. Dirtproof, shockproof and pretty waterproof, whether it’s knocked off its perch or left out in the rain, you can rest assured that your speaker will live another day. 

Best of all though, the sound promises to be pretty good too. It’s 360 degree, designed to chuck out immersive sound, and you can even hook it up to another Ultimate Ears speaker for surround sound. Can’t beat it. 

SUBOOS Ultra Bright LED Tent Light

4. SUBOOS Ultra Bright LED Tent Light

A handy LED light for long-lasting power

Best for: Lighting inside tent
Lumens: 230
Power: Battery 3xAAA or rechargeable 18650 battery
Weight: 156
Reasons to buy
+3 brightness levels+Lasts between 6 and 24 hours

Early mornings and late nights will be made easier by a bright LED tent light. Featuring 60 LED bulbs, this light is pretty efficient when it comes to using battery power, whether you choose to purchase chuckaways or a rechargeable. 

There’s three brightness levels to play with, with the brightest offering 6 hours of charge and the dimmest around 24 hours – plenty for a couple of days out in the field. And, as an absolute bonus, it’ll cost you barely anything.

Hikenture Inflatable Sleeping Mat

5. Hikenture Inflatable Sleeping Mat

For when foam camping mats aren’t enough

Best for: Easy inflatable mat
Material: Nylon
Weight: 480g
Reasons to buy
+Inflates in 12 puffs+Lightweight and compact

To avoid waking up with a crick in your back, a mat that offers that extra bit of distance between you and the ground is always a good thing. Thanks to its air cell technology, this mat provides an additional level of comfort over your standard foam, and should last for many camping trips due to its nylon composition. 

This inflatable mat takes just 12 puffs to blow up and when it’s time to let it down, it will squeeze back into its small bag, perfect for stuffing inside your backpack. 

BoxNet Mosquito Net

6. BoxNet Mosquito Net

Never mind wild animals, it’s the midges you’ve got to look out for

Best for: Keeping insects at bay
Material: Polyester
Size: Single or double
Reasons to buy
+Roomy+Hooks and hang cords included

If you’re parking up right next to your pitch, you won’t have any quibbles about the extra weight of this mosquito net, especially when you’re the only one in the morning who wakes up with zero bites. 

While midges in summer are one thing, if you’re arriving to the campsite at night, you won’t know if you’re pitching up next to a midgy breeding ground, so a mosquito net in the right season is always a good a shout.