Audio Magic Eraser might be the best new Google Pixel 8 feature

The new feature is going to make your videos even more slick

Google Pixel
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Well, the Google Pixel 8 is officially here. The Made by Google event showcased all of the new software and hardware features coming to the devices.

There's an awful lot to like on these handsets, with a host of AI-powered features. It certainly seems as though these Android phones will have one of the best cameras on the market.

But there's one feature in particular which has really captured my attention. The addition of Audio Magic Eraser is really interesting, and should make it easier than ever to get really slick looking – and sounding – video content.

When you select the Audio Magic Eraser, the phone will analyse the sound and separate it out into layers. You can then go in and adjust the levels of different parts of the sound, to ensure you get just the right mix. For example, if you're talking in a crowded area, you can reduce the background noise to make sure your voice pops.

It's not just a case of foreground and background noise, either. The system will break down different aspects like wind noise, music, speech and more, allowing you to tailor things really specifically.

It's a fantastic feature, and one which will be really useful for a wide range of users. For regular users, being able to capture moments and memories will become easier than ever. You can remove the distractions, and focus in on the part which you want to remember.

What's more, thanks to the intuitive user interface, the features aren't going out be out of reach of regular users. There's no confusing jargon to contend with – simply tap the appropriate button and scroll up or down to adjust the level.

It's also going to be really handy for content creators. There's nothing worse than filming a scene, only to have it be ruined by a rogue bit of background noise or a passing vehicle. That will no longer be an issue on the new device.

Pair that up with some truly stunning looking video capture, and the videography capabilities of the Google Pixel 8 range look set to be some of the best on the market. 

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