7 places you should never put an air fryer in your kitchen

Here’s where you should (and shouldn’t) put your air fryer

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It goes without saying that the best air fryers have completely taken over the kitchen. Depending on the size and model of air fryer you have, chances are you leave it out on your kitchen counter for ease of use. But, did you know that where you put your air fryer could have serious consequences to your kitchen and your safety?

If that sounded a bit ominous, it was meant to! Where you use your air fryer in your kitchen can have a serious effect on its ability to cook your food, plus it could damage your décor and other appliances in the process.

To help you avoid making any dangerous mistakes, here are seven places you should never put your air fryer.

1. An unventilated area

Air fryers use rapid air technology to cook your food, so they produce quite a lot of heat and steam when in action. With this in mind, it’s important to give your air fryer the proper ventilation it needs so the steam has somewhere to go. If, for example, you put your air fryer under a low cupboard or another unventilated area, this restricts the air it’s getting and prevents the heat from escaping. Not only can this result in your appliance overheating but it can also damage your kitchen cabinets.

To avoid this mistake, keep your air fryer on your kitchen counter with a lot of open space and turn on your extractor fan. When I first started using my air fryer, I found this out the hard way as I didn’t think to turn the fan on, which resulted in me frantically running around my kitchen trying to stop the fire alarm from going off!

2. Wooden surfaces

If you have a wooden surface in your kitchen or dining room, it’s best to keep your air fryer away from it. Wooden surfaces, like a wooden cutting board or a dining table, aren’t heat resistant so if they’re introduced to too much heat, you could damage the surface and even burn it.

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3. On your hob or stove

Accidents can happen in the kitchen, whether you’re a pro chef or a beginner. Ideally, your air fryer shouldn’t go on your hob or stove for the simple reason that you could accidentally turn the hob on. Regardless of whether you have a gas, electric or induction hob, it’s easy to accidentally turn it on or forget that it’s just been on, meaning the heat hasn’t subsided yet. Putting your air fryer on a hot surface will overheat it and cause potential damages and fires.

4. Near anything flammable

Along the same vein, you should avoid putting your air fryer near anything flammable. Aside from kitchen appliances that have been on (I’ll get to that below), you also don’t want to put your air fryer near things that can easily catch fire, like tea towels, shopping bags, dish cloths, wooden boards and utensils, and so on. Remember to keep your air fryer cooking space as clear as possible to avoid any accidents.

5. Close to the wall and plug sockets

To get your air fryer to work, you need to plug it into an outlet, but once you do, make sure it’s not sitting too close to the wall or its plug sockets. Having your air fryer directly against the wall can damage the wall and the appliance, plus it could potentially cause a fire if it’s too hot or has been used for a long time. As steam escapes your air fryer, you also don’t want the heat to get near your electrical sockets, so try to keep them at a safe distance. Your air fryer’s cable also shouldn’t touch the appliance’s exterior as you don’t want to damage the wiring.

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6. Near water sources

This next spot probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Your air fryer should be kept away from any water sources so you don’t have any electrical issues. Too close to your sink or taps could cause water to splash against the exterior and potentially get inside it, which you don’t want to happen as it could spark or catch fire.

7. Next to other appliances

If you’ve just used your kettle or microwave and you’re about to turn on your air fryer, it’s best to make sure these appliances aren’t too close or next to each other. As these appliances produce heat, you’ll get an extremely high temperature in one part of your kitchen, which can cause damage. When using any appliance, it’s best to keep it on the kitchen counter with a good amount of space around it and with some kind of air flow, like an open window or extractor fan.

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