Try this 5-minute push-up workout for chiselled pecs

A step-by-step guide to performing five variations of the mighty push up

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Let's not beat around the bush here: almost every man who works out wants to have big pecs. It’s not a bad goal at all. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, chest related exercises such as push-ups are some of the most effective bodyweight exercises you can do to build muscle. Push-ups, in particular, not only work your chest muscles but also the biceps, triceps and deltoids. In addition, it has the ability to work your entire core.  

Probably the best thing about the push-up is that it allows you allow you to get strong without having to spend hours at the gym bench pressing. There is nothing wrong with bench pressing but admittedly, it requires a lot more home gym equipment than push-ups, yet, the latter is just as effective in building big pecs and arms as the former. 

Sam Cushing’s 5-Minute Chiseled Chest Workout: How to do it

We have been working on our pushup routine using athlete Sam Cushing’s at-home bodyweight chest workout. It’s not only a quick five-minute chest workout routine that you can smash out daily, but he also walks you through using the correct technique to maximise your workout. But for anyone new to the movement, more accessible alternatives are also offered.  

This entire five-minute workout is based on variations of the standard press up with short rests between each move. Done regularly, the routine will help you build endurance and strength in time for summer.  

Here’s how to split the workout: 

  • Standard pushup – as many reps in 30 seconds  
  • Rest 15 seconds 
  • Wide-angle push up – as many reps in 35 seconds 
  • Rest 15 seconds 
  • Diamond push up – as many reps in 30 seconds 
  • Rest 15 seconds  
  • Staggered pushup – as many reps in 30 seconds 
  • Rest 15 seconds  
  • Negative push up – as many reps in one minute 

It's easy to pump up your pecs at home with no equipment, but if you're looking for something more challenging, why not check out these other chest workout exercises? You'll notice visible gains in your upper body before the beach body season.

Grow your arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger with pecs flys: here is how to master pecs flys. You can also try fingertip push-ups – this exercise is excellent for building solid forearms. Or you can get an easy full-body workout with these six single-dumbbell exercises.

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