5 Le Creuset alternatives to upgrade your kitchen for less

Get the look of Le Creuset for cheaper with these beautiful cast iron alternatives

Le Creuset alternatives
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Le Creuset is arguably one of the most popular cookware brands on the market today. Known for its signature enamelled cast iron products, Le Creuset offers a variety of kitchen essentials, but the real star of the show is its casserole dish.

I’ve made it no secret that I’m a big fan of Le Creuset, and owning one of its casserole dishes is at the top of kitchen must-haves list, although I’ll have to do a bit of saving first. Having a Le Creuset casserole dish in your kitchen collection is perfect for cooking and baking most meals, including stews, pies, soups and roasts, but with the prices starting at £165, it’s not the cheapest option out there.

There is a reason that Le Creuset products have a higher price tag than other cookware manufacturers. As mentioned in our ‘should I buy Le Creuset?’ guide, Le Creuset is incredibly high quality so when you invest in a cast iron casserole dish or non-stick pan from them, you have something that will last a lifetime.

But if you want something more affordable, you can either wait until the big sales seasons to find the best Le Creuset deals or you can buy a quality alternative from a different brand. To help you find the one for you, here are five Le Creuset alternatives worth checking out from ProCook, KitchenAid, John Lewis and more.

1. ProCook Cast Iron Casserole Dish

Le Creuset alternatives: ProCook

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ProCook has an extensive cast iron collection which has a similar style to Le Creuset but for a slightly cheaper price. For example, the ProCook Cast Iron Casserole Dish (£99) comes in many different sizes and colours, but the option I’ve picked looks almost identical to the cerise red that Le Creuset is known for. ProCook also offers bundles that contain two, three or four casserole dishes in one, and they make cast iron pans, like the ProCook Cast Iron Square Griddle Pan which is based on another Le Creuset favourite.

2. KitchenAid Cast Iron Casserole Dish

Le Creuset alternatives: KitchenAid

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The KitchenAid Cast Iron Casserole Dish is closer in price to Le Creuset but is still less expensive at £145. KitchenAid is best known for its stand mixers, but it also manufactures brilliant countertop kitchen products like the best kettles and the best toasters. I actually own the KitchenAid Cast Iron Casserole Dish, and while it’s a little on the heavy side, it’s made from high quality materials and works on any type of hob, including my induction hob. I love using it for stews, pies and big pasta dishes, and couldn’t recommend it enough, especially if you want a trustworthy Le Creuset alternative.

3. Cuisinart Classic Enamelled Iron Cookware

Le Creuset alternatives: Cuisinart

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Another good alternative is the Cuisinart CI650-25BG Classic Enamelled Iron Cookware. Available in multiple sizes and colours, this casserole dish from Cuisinart is constructed with cast iron and has a porcelain enamel exterior which is strong, durable and provides superior heat retention and even heat distribution. At £108, it’s hard to beat and you can often find it drop in price at Amazon.

4. Big Green Egg Enamelled Dutch Oven

Le Creuset alternatives: Big Green Egg

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If you’re looking for a barbecue-safe casserole dish, the Big Green Egg Enamelled Dutch Oven is the perfect choice, although I’d recommend using it strictly with a Big Green Egg barbecue only, to avoid any issues. This Dutch oven set comes with two pans for the price of one (£180). One dish is bigger and deeper whereas the other is shallower, yet the lid can be used on both of them. 

5. John Lewis Cast Iron Shallow Casserole

Le Creuset alternatives: John Lewis

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Finally, the John Lewis Cast Iron Shallow Casserole is almost identical in size, style and purpose to Le Creuset. It has the signature rings on the lid and a beautiful porcelain enamel finish which looks good while in action or on display. Due to the smaller size, this dish is ideal for fish or vegetable dishes, and at £70, it won’t cost a fortune and works exceptionally well. You can also find Le Creuset products on the John Lewis website and in stores, so you can save extra money on a Le Creuset pot during a John Lewis sales event.

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