3 reasons why I'm buying the iPhone 15 Plus

The iPhone 15 Plus is arguably the least popular iPhone – but I think it's the best one to buy!

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As the dust settles on the Apple Wonderlust event from last night, many will be sat pondering which handset is the right one for them. Even if you're set on upgrading to the latest range, there are still four different model options to choose between.

There's a lot to like across the range. The iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus are packed with new tech – the A16 Bionic chip migrates down, as well as the Dynamic Island and a 48MP camera. The iPhone 15 Pro models push the boat even further. Both models enjoy the first ever 3nm processor, while the Pro Max boasts one of the best cameras of any phone, ever.

But I've already made up my mind. The model which is right for me is also the one which is traditionally the least popular. I'll be opting for an iPhone 15 Plus – no, not just for that sumptuous pink hue – and here are three reasons why.

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1. The new camera

While the Pro Max will take all of the headlines in the camera department, the base models also saw a pretty substantial upgrade here. That 48MP main sensor is a big deal, but the range of what you can do with it is even more impressive.

For starters, the quad-pixel sensor enables an effective 2x optical telephoto setting. Sure, it's not the same as having a dedicated telephoto lens, but for most users it won't make a noticeable difference. 

That 2x setting has a 52mm focal length too. That's pretty much perfect for snapping images which resemble the perspective of the human eye, and is widely considered to be something of a golden spot for photographers for that reason.

There's also some changes to the Portrait Mode which are useful. The image processor will automatically read depth information for all shots, giving users the option to blur the background after the fact.

That is such a useful feature. So often, I'll snap a shot with the regular camera on my iPhone 13 and realise later that it could be so much better with the soft background of Portrait Mode. On the iPhone 15, that no longer has to be a regret.

2. The A16 Bionic chip

Okay, I'm well aware that the A16 Bionic is not a "new" chip. Rather, it's a "new-to-me" option for those of us who don't use the Pro model iPhones.

That doesn't stop it from being a big deal, though. It's a step up from the A15 across the board, with a smaller 4nm architecture and overall performance upgrades which should give users a welcome boost in day-to-day activity. Improvements to both power and efficiency should make for a more enjoyable user experience. 

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3. Dynamic Island

Is the Dynamic Island the most hated iPhone feature ever? It's certainly in with a good shout for that award.

But for me, it's one of the best reasons to upgrade from an older iPhone model. See, while it didn't get a lot of love when it debuted on the iPhone 14 Pro models last year, companies have been quietly employing the feature more and more with their apps.

Now that it's a core part of the entire iPhone range, I would expect that to improve even more. And once more companies get in on the act, it's going to be a really useful thing to have.

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