10 essential items to take to a festival or summer weekend away

Don’t leave home without these festival-going gadgets and weekend getaway must-haves

T3’s rocked many festivals over the years, and we’ve enjoyed a few weekend getaways, too, especially during summer. We could fill this list with mini Bluetooth speakers, fancy portable coffee makers and the like, but can those really be deemed essential? Nope. Instead, we’re focusing here on items that will make, not break, your festival stopover or weekend getaway.

TomTom Go 6200

How can you enjoy that festival in the depths of Dumfries if you can’t find it? Avoid map-reading brawls by letting TomTom lead the way. Offering Lifetime World Maps access, the TomTom Go 6200 is ideal for hitting overseas festivals or exploring abroad. Use the MyDrive feature to plan routes, and get real-time traffic updates from TomTom Traffic.

Vango Tango 300

We’ve seen far too many festival-goers necking beer, then trying to erect their tents. There’s no such excuses with the Tango 300 – it’s one of Vango’s fast-pitch summer tents, purposefully sized for festival camping and weekends away. Factory taped seams create a watertight seal, a waterproof PE groundsheet keeps you safe from dewy grass, and lights-out fabric helps you sleep longer, even if the sun’s up at 5am.

RiutBag Crush

Unless your weekend away is in the arse-end of nowhere with just sheep for company, you’ll need a secure bag to keep your belongings safe. And don’t get us started on pick-pockets at festivals! Thankfully, RiutBag is on the case with the Crush. This 10-litre pack has no outer zips, placing them instead on the inside of the pack to sit flush against your back. When not in use the pack ‘crushes’ down into a small carry bag.

Price: £39 | Buy RiutBag Crush

Master Lock Portable Safe

Never leave smartphones, cash or other valuables lying around your tent. Weighing a little over 1.5lbs, the Master Lock Portable Safe is the perfect size for storing sunglasses, smartphones, keys and small tech. It’s secured by a four-digit combi lock and can even be attached to immovable objects via the included wire cable.

Google Pixel

What do you do a lot of on a weekend away or when at a festival? No, not that. And not that, either. We’re talking about taking photos, of course! Google’s Pixel was, at the time of testing, the highest-rated smartphone camera in DxO testing. It has a 12.3MP rear camera, fast shutter speeds and reliable autofocus, plus a range of modes, including Panorama, and support for HDR.

STK Fast Fuel 15K

So, you used up your phone’s battery taking endless selfies? Luckily for you STK has released a new charger, the QualComm Quick Charge tech-toting Fast Fuel 15K. Its 15,000mAh battery will juice-up your smartphone six times over, with an LED indicator showing how much power is left. Bonus: it’s bright green, so you’ll easily find it in your bag.

Price: £49.99 | Buy STK Fast Fuel 15K 

Flare Audio Isolate Earplugs

For audio protection when watching crushing death metal bands – and for blocking out the rousing 4am chorus of birds. Isolate Earplugs use titanium and aluminium, wrapped in soft memory foam, to prevent sound leaking into your ears. Thanks to natural bone conduction you’ll still be able to hear the band, and birds, without risking ear damage.

The North Face Apex Flex Shell Jacket

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck 200-deep in a festival crowd at night and forgetting to bring a hoodie or jacket. Save yourself some heartache by investing in the Apex Flex. This Gore-Tex infused garment looks like a lightweight hoody, but is actually a waterproof, windproof shell. Also guaranteed to protect you from heathens lobbing wee-filled bottles.

Black+blum Eau Good Water Bottle

Hydration is key, whether you’re dancing the night away or exploring new cities on your summer weekend break. Black+blum’s BPA-free filter bottle uses a traditional Japanese binchotan active charcoal stick to purify tap water, reduce its chlorine content and balance the pH.

Colgate ProClinical Pocket Pro

With an electric toothbrush this small, you have no excuse for unbrushed teeth. The Pocket Pro delivers an impressive 25,500 brush strokes per minute with up-down and side-to-side motion, and has a flexible head to reach all your back teeth. The toothbrush can also be recharged via the included USB charging case.

Claire Davies

Claire Davies is Senior Content Editor for T3 magazine, and also edits camping, walking, backpacking, hiking and outdoor sports/adventure tech for T3's Outdoors channel.