Weird News: Apple TV goes literal, men get pregnant

Plus: Facebook fridges and BlackBerry loves Android

A look at the more eccentric side of tech's last seven days...

The Latest Dictionary Additions
The most recent Concise Oxford English Dictionary includes additions such as "woot", "sexting" and as "retweet". What's worse, though, are the stoic definitions which accompany them. Woot is defined as being "used in electronic communication to express elation, enthusiasm, or triumph", sexting as "sending sexually explicit messages by mobile phone" and retweet as "to forward a message on Twitter". Seems the dictionary is keen to stay down with da kids, innit.

Apple TV goes literal
It's literally an apple, for those who haven't yet clicked. Created by the Taiwanese company Hannspree - who's already infamous for making TV's into the shape of weird stuff - the Hansapple is an upgraded model of an original 2007 release. Retailing at a mere £249, the TV features... erm... nothing you'd expect it to, but it is equipped with Scart connection and a pair of HDMI inputs, meaning it can actually play HD. Don't all climb over eachother for one.

Gears of War 3: Spoilers are bannable offences
Yep, Gears of War 3 officials have promised online gamers "repercussions" if they so much as attempt to reveal the game's plot. Apparantly, they have a banning system, and anyone who posts any leaked footage of the single player campaign on the new release could well incurr a ban. How disappointing. Oh well; you've been warned...

Facebook takes over fridges
A step too far? Fridgebook magnets, which offer the layout of social networking giant Facebook in fridge magnet form, have hit the shelves. Created for those who just can't get enough of facebook, these come with a whiteboard marker, to update your home status. At only $19.95, these magnets are a 'bargain' ...apparently. Facebook's quest for world domination continues.

Blackberry's Android disaster
The Blackberry Torch 9860 will be the first fully touchscreen phone supporting Blackberry 7 OS. However, in the video released to promote the Torch, it becomes apparent that for a couple of the shots in the video an Android phone - recognisable not least for the 'home' button - was used as the Torch's double. A foolish, some might say baffling, error from RIM.

Men's Pregnancy qualms solved
After the initial few months of elation following the good news, the real pain of genuinely carrying another human starts to set in. Ankles swell and waistlines enlargen, yet most women stay strong throughout. This new invention from the Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT) is designed to fill with water, to show the male in the relationship the struggles of being pregnant. When rubbed, this "Mommy Tummy" is supposed to start moving, simulating kicking. Right you are, then.

And Finally...

UNThink tells Facebook to stuff it
...And Google+, while it's at it. It seems that the riotous new social 'revolution' is a bit sick and tired of privacy issues and being told what to do...