Waze just rolled out a cool update Apple users will love

Music lover? Waze just introduced a tie-in with a streaming favourite...

Waze app icon
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Waze has just rolled out a cool free update that Apple users will love. You probably know where this is headed already: Waze is now compatible with Apple Music. Hurrah. 

Waze has long partnered with various streaming services over the years, adding Amazon Music back in 2020, for example, so it's been a long wait for Apple's streaming service to join the fold. But join it has, as stated on Waze's blog (opens in new tab) dated 24 May 2022.

As the blog post points out, if you're an Apple Music subscriber, that's a great free update as the apps "will seamlessly integrate ... so you can keep your eyes on the road while enjoying the ride."


Not an Apple Music user? There are other options that tie-in with Waze's system, too, such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, and iHeart Radio. There's a whole host of options to entertain your ears without distracting your eyes from the road. 

Whatever you listen to, Waze – which is actually owned by Google, in case you dind't know – is always looking to inject a little bit of fun and point of difference into its service. It was only last month it introduced a (temporary) Retro Mode

So whether you're using Waze on your phone, via Google's Android Auto, or Apple's CarPlay, at least your streaming service of choice will now be available. Here's hoping the company doesn't combine its Retro Mode ideas with vinyl record compatibility, though, as we can't see that taking off...

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