Waze's new feature shows it has one big advantage over Google Maps

It's just more fun…

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Google Maps is great, it gets you from A-B in the most efficient way possible and it makes navigating new places a breeze. In fact, it's pretty much perfect and has become the go-to mapping app for millions across the world… but it is missing one thing… fun.

Luckily, Google's other navigation app, Waze, more than makes up for Google Map's seriousness with a number of nifty little features.

The most recent Waze update sees a new 'Retro Mode' added, which celebrates personalities and trends from the years most firmly cemented in today’s pop culture – the '70s, 80s and '90s.

This limited-time driving experience will turn your next drive into a trip down memory lane with nostalgic moods, voices and cars.

If you're vibe s peace, love and happiness, set your Waze to the ‘70s, with an eccentric radio DJ as your host and navigator, a flower-power “El Vanarino” as your vehicle and a groovy lava lamp Mood.

Waze Nostalgia mode

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If Jazzercise is more your speed, break a sweat with an ‘80s aerobics instructor to guide your journey, while you manoeuvre in a Rad Racer sports car with a “Pumped!” boombox Mood.

Or you can head back to the ‘90s in your classic two-door “SUV4EVA” while a pop star helps you avoid traffic and the paparazzi. Set your Mood to “Dialed Up,” a classic desktop PC, but without the pain of waiting for your crush to sign online.

Also starting today, audio streaming service TuneIn is partnering with Waze to deliver ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s songs, allowing you to seamlessly access your favourite nostalgic bops directly via the Waze app. 

TuneIn stations include Hit Music 70’s in the UK, 90’s Hits in the US and Canada, and 80’s Alive in France.

If you want to try out this fun new mode, click “My Waze” in your Waze app and tap the “Drive with the 80’s” banner to activate. It’s available globally, in English, French and Portuguese.

This nostalgia packed feature is available for a limited time only, so try it out while you can!

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