The Nokia X is launching on May 16 – complete with iPhone X-like notch

The Nokia X is coming sooner than anyone expected

Nokia X

The much-anticipated Nokia X looks like it is about to be revealed in full at a May 16 launch event in Beijing, China.

The news comes via an official, if mysterious, invitation that is not only shaped like a smartphone and features an iPhone X-style notch, but also from a series of official Nokia billboards located in and around HMD's current five-day promotional event in Beijing, which clearly show advertising imagery for the X.

Check out the billboards and invitation for yourself 

Nokia X

An official Nokia billboard advertising the X at HMD's current promotional event in Beijing, China

Nokia X

The official Nokia invitation. Note the smartphone aspect ratio and top-centre notch

Rumours of the Nokia X have been circulating for weeks now, with the phone even tipped to be going after Apple's current iPhone X flagship. But, so far at least, it hasn't been officially revealed and we are currently none-the-wiser to its final specifications and features.

A dual rear camera, glass back, and – interestingly considering the invite's design – notched screen have been predicted, though, so these developments do look promising to us.

What still remains the most unclear, though, is whether the Nokia X is indeed going to be called the Nokia X or the Nokia X6, which has been suggested to be incoming via acclaimed leakster Evan Blass recently in a Tweet.

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Whether it is the Nokia X or Nokia X6, though, we're enthused to see what HMD has tucked up its sleeve. Roll on, May 16.


Lead image credit: Nokia Mobile weibo