PS5 and Xbox Series X at Walmart today – it's time to buy your next-gen console (now out of stock)

Grab and PS5 and Xbox Series X for the first time this month with a Walmart+ subscription

Walmart PS5 restock
(Image credit: Walmart)

As stock of Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles continue to be sparse, when they do become available, you need to move fast. That's why news of today's Walmart restock should come as welcome news. Not only is the giant retailer likely to have decent numbers available, but the usual scalpers will be kept at bay thanks to the need for a paid membership fee. 

To get your hands on either the PS5 or Xbox, you'll need to sign up to Walmart+, the subscription service costing $12.95. Trial memberships won't work for this. 

The consoles will go on sale on Thursday, February 24 at 12pm ET / 9am PT and you'll want to sign up well in advance of that, as stock won't last for long. Once you're logged in, the links below should take you direct to the right pages. 

Update (12.40 pm ET): all stock now seems to be gone

For other chances to buy, check out our PS5 stock tracker

PS5 console (disc version): $499 at Walmart (opens in new tab)

Next-gen gaming doesn't get better than this. With 4K 120fps gameplay, 8K output and a host of great titles available, it's the console to have this holiday. Sale starts at 4pm ET for Walmart+ subscribers.

PS5 console (digital edition): $399 at Walmart (opens in new tab)

Prefer to download your content online than buy the discs? You can save yourself $100 and buy the digital edition – and then spend that money on a PS Plus subscription. 

Xbox Series X console: $499 at Walmart (opens in new tab)

The most powerful Xbox ever. Get 4K gaming with 120fps and 3D spatial sound. You can subscribe to Xbox all access to pay monthly or pay the $499 outright. 

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