£8K solid gold Apple Watch isn't bling enough for you? Here's one that costs £150,000


Everybody's jaw collectively hit the ground when Tim Cook announced an £8,000Apple Watch earlier this year, but that looks like an absolute bargain compared tothis £150,000 timepiece.

The 18K solid gold wearable has been encrusted with diamonds, making it officially the World's most expensive Apple Watch.

Both the watch face, and bracelet of this blingtastic device has been covered with jewels, which should make it stand out from the poverty spec watches available from the Apple Store.

Apart from the added shiny stuff, it's a standard Apple Watch, with all the fitness, communication, and notification features we love.

Expect to see Beyoncé showing it off to her mates at Glasto this weekend.

The Watch is a part of Firebox's new WTF range, which features ludicrously expensive gadgets which only Donald Trump would buy.

We can see the most die-hard Apple Fanboys taking a mortgage out right now.