Where to buy the iPhone 13 range on a plan or outright in Australia

The iPhone 13 series is now shipping and can be purchased on a plan or outright right now

iPhone 13
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Apple announced the 2021 iPhone 13 range on September 15, with pre-orders that were live for a week from September 17 until September 23. The exciting news is the handsets are now shipping, so if you've pre-ordered, you should be getting your brand-new iPhone in your hands soon.

For anyone who hasn't pre-ordered, you can either head down to a store and buy it off a shelf or order it online via one of Australia's top telcos on a plan or outright from a retailer.

Now to the nitty-gritty: where can you get the iPhone 13 handsets – the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max – and how much will they set you back on a plan or outright purchase? 

In Australia, we're looking at the iPhone 13 as starting from a RRP of AU$1,349, while the iPhone 13 mini will set you back the slightly more manageable AU$1,199. If you do want to step it up a notch (yes, pun totally intended), you can opt for the Pro versions, with the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max starting at AU$1,699 and AU$1,849 respectively.

Below are the various plans from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone:

Telstra iPhone 13 plans

Telstra logo

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Telstra's iPhone 13 launch offer slashes AU$50 off its XL (180GB) plan for the first 12 months, so instead of AU$114.95/m, you'll pay just AU$65/m. Note that this does not include the cost of the phone. Once the first 12 months are up, you can switch to a cheaper plan to avoid paying that higher fee... although you'll have less data to play with, of course.

Speaking of the cost of the phone, Telstra is actually discounting the handsets it's listed by a little bit – in the order of about AU$20 lower than Apple's RRP, which drops the total monthly cost of the plan.

Also, it's worth noting that Telstra's S (40GB) plan does not include 5G coverage -- for that, you'll need to pony up for the M (80GB) or higher plan.

Here's Telstra's full range of iPhone 13 plans and prices on a 24-month term:

iPhone 13 mini @ Telstra (24m term)

Swipe to scroll horizontally

S (40GB)*M (80GB)L (120GB)XL (180GB)^

iPhone 13 @ Telstra (24m term)

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Header Cell - Column 0 S (40GB)*M (80GB)L (120GB)XL (180GB)^

iPhone 13 Pro @ Telstra (24m term)

Swipe to scroll horizontally

S (40GB)*M (80GB)L (120GB)XL (180GB)^

iPhone 13 Pro Max @ Telstra (24m term)

Swipe to scroll horizontally

S (40GB)*M (80GB)L (120GB)XL (180GB)^

* Does not include 5G network access.
^ AU$65/m price for first 12 months, then reverts to AU$115/m.

Optus iPhone 13 plans

Optus logo

(Image credit: Optus)

Like Telstra, Optus is also targeting the high data users, offering a discount on its Plus plans with 500GB of data a month. Unlike Telstra, though, Optus is not discounting the handsets themselves, so you will be paying the full price for the phones.

iPhone 13 mini @ Optus (24m term)

Swipe to scroll horizontally

S (20GB)M (80GB)L (200GB)XL (240GB)Plus (500GB)*

iPhone 13 @ Optus (24m term)

Swipe to scroll horizontally

S (20GB)M (80GB)L (200GB)XL (240GB)Plus (500GB)*

iPhone 13 Pro @ Optus (24m term)

Swipe to scroll horizontally

S (20GB)M (80GB)L (200GB)XL (240GB)Plus (500GB)*

iPhone 13 Pro Max @ Optus (24m term)

Swipe to scroll horizontally

S (20GB)M (80GB)L (200GB)XL (240GB)Plus (500GB)*

* AU$65/m price for first 12 months, then reverts to AU$115/m.

Vodafone iPhone 13 plans


(Image credit: Vodafone)

For the first time, Vodafone has a truly unlimited data plan which, for the iPhone 13 series launch, is now AU$20 off per month. So, for example, if you opted for the AU$85 unlimited data plan for Vodafone, you'll only be paying AU$65p/m. The discount on this plan continues for as long as you stay connected with the telco on the same plan, so this isn't going to expire unless you opt out.

There's also no speed cap on this plan, but it does limit the speed if you tether your phone to another device, say your laptop.

If unlimited data is too much, Vodafone is also offering 50GB bonus data per month on its 'Super' (150GB) plan, meaning you'll get 200GB in total per month for as long as you stick with the plan.

iPhone 13 mini @ Vodafone (24m term)

Swipe to scroll horizontally

Lite (40GB)Lite+ (80GB)Super (200GB)Super+ (300GB)Unlimited

iPhone 13 @ Vodafone (24m term)

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Lite (40GB)Lite+ (80GB)Super (200GB)Super+ (300GB)Unlimited

iPhone 13 Pro @ Vodafone (24m term)

Swipe to scroll horizontally

Lite (40GB)Lite+ (80GB)Super (200GB)Super+ (300GB)Unlimited

iPhone 13 Pro Max @ Vodafone (24m term)

Swipe to scroll horizontally

Lite (40GB)Lite+ (80GB)Super (200GB)Super+ (300GB)Unlimited

Where to buy the iPhone 13 outright

Upgrading to the new Apple iPhone might work for some early adopters, but others might just want to stick to the current plans and get one of the handsets outright.

Purchasing an iPhone 13 directly from Apple is a no-brainer, especially if you can trade-in your an older iPhone to help fund the upgrade. Telstra is offering a trade-in option as well, with up to AU$1,150 credit when you trade in an eligible phone. For example, you can get up to AU$625 for a 256GB iPhone 11 Pro Max. Optus is also offering a similar trade-in option.

Other retailers may not offer you the option of trading in an old device, but if that doesn't matter, here are some of the retailers with pre-orders open right now:

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