If you own a Huawei or iPhone, these restaurants won't serve you these secret dishes

These secret menus are only available to Samsung Galaxy owners

Samsung Secret Menu

Good news for owners of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, and bad news for everyone else. Samsung is partnering with four of the UK's restaurant chains to offer the chance to unlock ‘secret menus’ exclusively to users of Samsung Galaxy phones.

When visiting Bill's, The Breakfast Club, Patty & Bun, and Pizza Pilgrims, if you go to SamsungSecretMenu.co.uk and scan the table top AR code on your Galaxy device's camera you'll reveal the dish. Try it on an iPhone, a Huawei P30 Pro or any other non-Galaxy device and you'll be out of luck.

The dishes apparently include a colourful twist on a classic from Bill’s, a mystery sweet treat from The Breakfast Club, a new burger from Patty & Bun, and a limited edition pizza from Pizza Pilgrims.

Samsung Secret Menus are available at the above restaurants throughout the UK now.

Check out the gallery below for a glimpse at what's on offer.

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Image 1 of 4