Get Amazon Echo Show and Ring Video Doorbell FREE in Virgin Media's pre Black Friday sale

That's on top of super-fast WiFi with Virgin Media broadband and free Amazon Prime for a whole year

Amazon Prime Black Friday Virgin Media wifi router
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While Virgin Media is top of the heap when it comes to superfast broadband speeds, it's often beaten when it comes to value. But everything's changed today as the ISP has bundled a selection of Amazon smart home products like the Echo Dot, Echo Show and Ring Video Doorbell – and a year's free Amazon Prime – into Virgin Media's Big, Bigger and Ultimate bundles (opens in new tab).

It's almost as if Black Friday was here already!

The Big Bundle offers an average download speed of 108Mbps. For context, Netflix recommends 25Mbps to watch its Ultra HD shows and movies in the best possible quality – so there's enough bandwidth with this bundle for the whole house to be streaming 4K simultaneously. 

Add in the Prime subscription, which is good even for existing Prime customers, a landline and 150+ channels, there's enough content there to keep you sated for the next 12 months. Virgin is even throwing in a choice of a free Amazon Echo Dot or £50 credit towards your bills. That all comes in at a respectable £33 a month for the next 12 months from Virgin Media (opens in new tab), or £38 a month for 40 extra channels (opens in new tab) such as SkyAtlantic.

Virgin Media Big Bundle + Drama Pick with Amazon Echo Dot/£50 bill credit | 108Mb average speed | was £69 per month | now £38 per month (opens in new tab)
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This is a stellar package if you find that standard broadband is just a little too slow for your streaming needs. Virgin Media recommends this package for busy households of around 5-9 devices, so it's perfect for big families, or people who crave crisp Ultra HD streams. The included Amazon Prime subscription is worth £79 alone, while the Echo Dot is the perfect first step to smarten up your home.

However, the Bigger Bundle offers 213Mbps and 250+ channels, including Sky Cinema+ HD for £60 per month for the first 12 months (opens in new tab), saving £33 a month, while the Ultimate Bundle packs a more-than-you-could-ever-need 506Mbps and 270+ channels, priced at £99 per month for 12 months (opens in new tab), saving £40 a month. These packages also pack upgraded free gifts, with either smart-display Amazon Echo Show and Ring Video Doorbell devices, or a huge £125 off your bills. 

With all four packages you'll also get the benefit of a phone line and its Talk Weekends add-on with its free weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers.

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle with Amazon Echo Show and Ring Video Doorbell/£125 bill credit | 213Mb average speed | was £93 per month | now £60 per month (opens in new tab)
If you've got more devices, or need more movie channels, than the Big Bundle is able to provide, than the Bigger Bundle is the one for you. As well as nearly doubling your download capacity and adding over 100 extra channels, the optional free gift of a smart-display Echo Show and video doorbell create a truly connected smart home.

Virgin Media Ultimate Oomph Bundle with Amazon Echo Show and Ring Video Doorbell/£125 bill credit | 506Mb average speed | was £139 per month | now £99 per month (opens in new tab)
Want more of everything? The Ultimate bundle is for you. As well as the option of the Amazon Echo Show and Ring Doorbell, the Ultimate Bundle provides nearly five times the capacity of the 108Mbps Big Bundle and 270 channels. Never get bored again. 

In terms of upfront costs, you'll have to cough up a £35 set-up fee, but then it'll simply be a case of paying the £35 monthly cost from then on. You won't find such ridiculously fast speeds for such a low monthly price from any other widely available internet service provider. Christmas – or at least, Black Friday – has come early. 

Is Virgin fibre broadband available in my area?

Around 75% of the UK households are now able to receive superfast Virgin broadband, but if you're not in a compatible area, why not head to T3's best broadband deals page or use the price comparison chart below to see what alternatives are available to you.


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