BT fibre broadband deal delivers fast internet for cheap

This BT fibre broadband deal is well worth considering if you are in the market for an upgrade

BT broadband deals Superfast Fibre 1
(Image credit: BT)

T3 sees a lot of brilliant broadband deals, which is why we know how attractive this new offer from BT is on its Fibre 1 broadband package.

That's because right now Fibre 1, which delivers fast average speeds of 50Mb, is available for just £26.99.

There's also a discount on BT's Fibre 2 plan, with speeds averaging 67Mb. This plan cost more than the deal above, though, ringing in at £31.99 a month.

You can find out more about these two BT fibre broadband deals below:

BT Fibre 1 | 50 Mbps guaranteed speeds | £9.99 setup | £26.99 p/m | 24 month contract | Available now
This is a really strong fibre broadband deal from BT. It costs just £26.99 a month and rewards you with speeds averaging 50Mb. Setup is only £9.99, too.View Deal

BT Fibre 2 | 67 Mbps guaranteed speeds | £9.99 setup | £31.99 p/m | 24 month contract  Available now
Need something ever so slightly faster? This plan will bump the bills up to £31.99 a month but also increase your average speeds to 67Mb. Setup remains a low-cost £9.99.View Deal

Want to see how these BT fibre broadband deals compare to those offered by the rest on the market? Then take a gander at the below deals comparison chart, which shows only the very cheapest broadband deals from all the UKs best suppliers.