The best Black Friday TV deals – the top cheap 4K TV sales right now

Want to grab the best cheap 4K TV deal, whether LED, OLED or QLED? You've come to the right place

Black Friday TV deals
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If you're looking for the best Black Friday TV deals, you've come to the right page. We're scouring the internet, looking for the best cheap 4K TV deals from all of the biggest and most reliable brands and retailers, to bring you the offers you can't miss! As more and more of the best Black Friday deals start to appear, you can trust we'll collect them all right here!

Now that we're nearing the end of 2020, we're starting to see some great discounts on this year's models, so this is a great time to think about buying – you can get the latest tech, but not at full price. We've got our lists of the best TVs overall, the best TVs under £1000, and the best TVs under £500 to help you choose which one's right for you.

Below, you'll find our top recommendations for the very best TV deals available right now – plus, we've got all the lowest current prices on our favourite sets, including lots of the best OLED TVs and the best gaming TVs. You can use the links on the right to jump straight to your preferred brand and see what the current deals are.

And if you want to add some extra audio quality to your new TV, don't forget to check out the best cheap soundbar deals!

Best Black Friday TV deals

We're already seeing some top TV offers as the season for Black Friday deals begins, both on higher-end TVs as well as budget options. LG's new OLED TVs and Samsung's QLED TVs have had some of the best discounts so far when it comes to premium TVs, and there have been lots of great offers on mid-range and budget sets from Sony, Philips, LG, Samsung, Hisense, TCL and more.

LG CX 55-inch OLED TV | Was: £1,399 | Now: £1,299 at John Lewis
This is this set that won the best gaming TV prize at the T3 Awards 2020 and also sits right now at the very top of our best gaming TV guide. We gave it a maximum score of 5 starts on review, and considering it one of the absolute finest TVs on the market today. It's now a very welcome £100 off at John Lewis.View Deal

Samsung Q80T 55-inch QLED TV | Now £899. | Was £1,099 | Save £200 at Currys
As we confirmed in our Samsung Q80T review, this is an exceptional 4K TV for gaming with much-coveted HDMI 2.1 features to make it PS5-ready. 120fps at 4K and VRR are here and ready to bring games to life with Samsung's excellent proprietary QLED technology. Great brightness and fantastic upscaling seal the deal to make this a worthy futureproof investment. View Deal

Sony KD-75XH9005 75-inch 4K TV | Was £1,799 | Now £1,599 | Save £200 at John Lewis
Our Sony XH90 review called this 75-inch set the best-value big-screen TV on the market, and that was at full price. It's not only a brilliant performer for movies – thanks to its full array backlight, Dolby Vision HDR support and Sony's top-notch processing – but is also the best huge option for gaming, thanks to 120Hz support (with VRR coming in an update soon).View Deal

Save up to £600 on Sony TVs at Currys
There's a huge range of Sony TVs on offers at Currys, ranging from small(ish) to huge, and from excellent budget-friendly sets to premium home cinema extravaganzas, including elite OLED and LED TVs.View Deal

Samsung Q60T QLED 85-inch TV | Was £3499 | Now £1799 | Save £1700 at Very
This huge 85-inch QLED really makes the most of Samsung's upscaling technology, to make images look excellent event in giganto-vision. QLED gives HDR colours real depth and pop. Most importantly, it's basically HALF PRICE. It's so much TV for the money – it's one of the deals of the year.View Deal

Sony KD-55XH9505 4K 55-inch TV | Was £1399 | Now £999 | Save £300 at Currys
T3's Platinum Award winning 2020 TV shouldn't be missed at this price. With brilliant picture and sound quality without having to invest immediately in a soundbar, the XH9505 is a seriously impressive bundle. Sony's flagship LED TV has never been cheaper or more attractive and, while it's not for new console purchasers, this should be top of your Black Friday deal consideration list.  View Deal

Samsung Q60T QLED 65-inch TV | Was £1599 | Now £999 | Save £600 at Very
Another impressive Black Friday TV deal, this reduction of Samsung's excellent QLED powered panel is a chance to get brilliant 4K picture quality for well below the RRP. Combined with Samsung's brilliant upscaling tech and stylish looks and this is a brilliant package. Whether you go for the 65-inch model or head on up to 85-inch, the Q60T is a reliable investment.View Deal

LG 65NANO956NA 65" 8K TV | Was £2,999 | Now £1,999 | Save £1,000
What a giant deal! LG's most advanced LED TV tech is used here, for giant ultra-detailed images and stunning HDR. 4K content will be upscaled to 8K, making it look better than ever, while Dolby Vision ensure colour and contrast are the best they can be. The webOS smart TV platform is excellent, too. And with £1,000 off, 8K isn't a totally wild investment any more.View Deal

Sony 4K OLED 55-inch TV | Was £1599 | Now £1299 | Save £300 at John Lewis
Seeing a winner of T3's Platinum Award with a saving of £300 is a firm reassurance that there truly are good Black Friday TV deals out there. With exceptional sound and picture quality, this is one of T3's favourite OLED TVs of 2020. While those with a new generation console should err in the direction of LG's CX range, those just looking for incredible imagery and brilliant audio without having to invest in a soundbar, look no further. You've found your perfect 55-inch OLED. View Deal

Panasonic TX-58HX800 58-inch 4K TV | Was £899 | Now £699 | Save £200 at Amazon UK
This is one of the most cinematic 4K LED TVs, delivering rich images perfectly suited for movies, thanks to Panasonic's partnership with Hollywood colourists. It supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ next-gen HDR formats, so everything looks as good as possible. It's a really great size for the price, too – bigger than 55-inch, but not physically much larger.View Deal

Sony BRAVIA KD55XH81 55-inch 4K TV | Was £999 | Now £699 | Save £300 at Amazon UK
Sony's processing is second to none, so if you want a TV that can upscale HD to 4K impressively, and can make fast-moving motion look clear and smooth, it's perfect. It's got Dolby Vision HDR, and Android TV means it's geared up for all the major streaming platforms (and all the minor ones too).View Deal

Hisense 75A7100 75-inch 4K TV | Was £999 | Now £849 | Save £150 at Amazon UK
An actually good 75-inch TV? For this kind of money? You are not dreaming. 4K resolution takes full advantage of the size, and HDR gives you more realistic colours and contrast. The built-in smart TV platform has all the key streaming services. This is obviously more of a budget set, but if you want to go BIG for less without compromising on image quality, it's perfect.View Deal

LG 50NANO796 50-inch 4K TV | Was £599 | Now £479 | Save £120 at Amazon UK
This is one of LG's NanoCell TVs, which a technology a bit like QLED, for delivering stronger colours. It's also the smallest TV in Amazon's selection! But you've still got top-notch image processing for the Ultra HD screen, and one of the slickest smart TV platforms on the planet – it's easy to use and has all the key services.View Deal

Up to 30% off Sony TVs at Amazon
There's a selection of Sony TVs with money off at Amazon, including some great options from Sony's more budget range, bringing you excellent image quality and detail for a really well-balanced price.View Deal

Hisense 55U7QFT 55” 4K QLED TV | Was £899 | Now £549 | Save £350
A 55-inch QLED TV with both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision HDR, plus Dolby Atmos, for under £600? Believe it, buddy – a huge discount on this Hisense TV brings the bold HDR colours of QLED for a lot less money, while a direct backlight with local dimming means bright HDR and great contrast.View Deal

Samsung QE65Q800T 65" 8K QLED TV | Was: £2,999 | Now: £2,299 | Saving: £700
How's this for a mega deal? Forget 4K TVs, here's a 65" 8K TV for £1,000 off! No worries that there's very little 8K content out there as this set will upscale all of your content to 8K, adjusting the picture in real time for the best detail. Object Tracking Sound+ features eight speakers built into the four sides of the TV while HDR10+ means you get the vivid lifelike colours. Hurry, this is a limited time deal.View Deal

Sony 4K OLED 55-inch TV | Was £1599 | Now £1299 | Save £300
Seeing a winner of T3's Platinum Award with a saving of £300 is a firm reassurance that there truly are good Black Friday TV deals out there. With exceptional sound and picture quality, this is one of T3's favourite OLED TVs of 2020. While those with a new generation console should err in the direction of LG's CX range, those just looking for incredible imagery and brilliant audio without having to invest in a soundbar, look no further. You've found your perfect 55-inch OLED. View Deal

LG 49NANO816NA 49" 4K HDR TV | Was: £599 | Now: £479 | Saving: £120
A fat £120 price cut means this excellent 4K HDR TV from LG falls down to a very attractive £479. That's a stunning 49" 4K TV that also delivers HDR10 and TruMotion 100, as well as LG's excellent NanoCell screen tech (great colour and viewing angles guaranteed) and smart TV functionality for one new low price point. Delivery is free, too.View Deal

Sony Bravia 55-inch Smart 4K HDR TV | Was: £849 | Now: £649 | Saving: £150
A fat £200 price cut on this 2020-model Sony Bravia 55-inch 4K HDR TV is a great deal in anyone's book, and right now it is available at Currys and with totally free delivery, too. This is one stacked set, tech-wise, too, with Sony's X1 image processor along with Dolby Vision, HDR10 and Triluminos panel tech delivering a great picture.View Deal

Toshiba 4K HDR 65-inch TV | Was £549 | Now £429 | Save £120 at
Yes, this really is a 65-inch 4K TV for less than £500, with Dolby Vision HDR. This kind of impressive screen size with equally impressive features makes this an excellent Black Friday deal. It might not have all the next-gen gaming features but for everyone who just wants lovely big 4K, this is a serious bargain. View Deal

Samsung UE50TU7100 | Save £150 | Now £399 at
This 4K TV supports HDR10+ for more dramatic images, with Samsung Crystal Display tech and Crystal Processor punching well above its price tag, even before the discount. The Tizen smart TV features are also class-leading.View Deal

Samsung 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV | Was: £699 | Now: £599 at Currys
A straight £100 is sliced off the cost of this 4K Samsung HDR TV right now at Currys, a fact that sees its price plummet to just £599. This TV is from Samsung's very latest 2020 range, too, and comes with the Alexa, Bixby and Google Assistant AIs built in. Free delivery is also available.View Deal

LG 55UN71006LB 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR | Was: £529 | Now: £469 at AO
Another cracking TV deal here. £60 has been cut off this excellent 4K, HDR TV from LG, which is a large 55 inches in size and also comes with Google Assistant and Alexa smart AI assistants built in. Free next day delivery is also included in the deal.View Deal

Hisense QLED 55U8QFTUK 55" Smart HDR 4K Ultra HD TV | Was: £999 | Now: £799 at AO
A fat £200 price cut on this stunning Hisense QLED 4K TV means you can pick it up for just £799 right now over at This is one the very finest TVs that Hisense make today, and is perfect for those who like to game and watch Ultra HD HDR movies. The TV's audio is powered by sound masters JBL, too, and the screen is rated at 1,000 nits, meaning contrast is excellent.View Deal

Samsung 50 Inch QE50Q60T 4K HDR TV | Was: £699 | Now: £649 at Argos
Samsung's 2020 QLED screen, which is a large 50 inches in size, gets a £50 price slash at Argos right now. That's a HDR10+ capable 4K TV with Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant built in for a great price point. QLED, for the uninitiated, delivers state-of-the-art quantum dot technology, which really makes images pop on screen with life.View Deal

T3's top TV deals right now this minute

LG TV deals

best lg 4k tv deals

The LG CX is the OLED TV most people should be looking at in 2020 – it's great value, image quality is superb, it's the best gaming TV thanks to support for every new feature of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and it comes in everything from a compact(-ish) 48-inch size up to 77 inches.

The LG B9 from last year is still around (with imminent replacement by the 2020 BX model due), which means it's the cheapest it's ever been, largely – the image quality of the CX is a step up, but the difference isn't huge, and the B9 is also totally ready for next-gen gaming, so it's a good future-proofed buy.

Sony TV deals

Best sony TV deals

Sony produces utterly gorgeous TVs every year, but they tend to be on the premium side. A good set of deals will take care of that – the Sony AG9 is a beautiful TV with top-tier image processing and great audio built-in, and now has a smaller 48-inch model. 

The Sony A8 is a new version of Sony's cheaper OLED model, and though still not in the cheap range, offers great value for money given its overall quality – it's weak when it comes to next-gen gaming features, though.

We're big fans of Sony's XH90 LCD TVs, which are among the best bang-for-buck sets on the planet – they're a great price, and the visuals are pretty wonderful. Sony says this model will also get full support for every PS5 and Xbox Series X feature, but via an update later.

Finally, Sony's flagship 4K LCD TV for 2020, the Sony XH95 is also simply brilliant, though costs a little more than the XH90, naturally.

Samsung TV deals

Best samsung TV deals

Samsung's range of TVs is just huge, from the Samsung Q950TS 8K TV flagship, which we rate as the best set on the planet (but oh boy are you gonna pay for it), down to the cheap but really usable (and great to watch) Samsung TU8500.

Samsung's 2020 TV range explained

The Samsung Q90T is its flagship 4K TV, and is a truly excellent set. The Samsung Q80T brings the price down a lot, while still provided the same high-end image processing and QLED panel. The Samsung Q60T is the most budget way to get QLED's famous lush colours, but isn't as good for HDR performance as the other models.

Panasonic TV deals

If you want the pinnacle of OLED TV quality, look no further than the Panasonic HZ2000 – it's an expensive buy, but that's because of the custom tech that makes it brighter than any other OLED panel. Panasonic's other OLED TVs are also great – if you can find a price drop on the HZ1000 in particular, it's an excellent deal.

In the mid-range, the Panasonic HX800 blows us away with the sheer amount of quality TV you get for the price – it's a great-value set for cinema fans who want a large screen and rich images without paying silly money.

Philips TV deals

Philips has a broad range of tempting OLED TVs, from premium stuff like the Philips OLED+984 (which has a high-end Bowers & Wilkins speakers system built into its imposing stand), to the Philips OLED754, which is the cheapest OLED TV worth buying on the market, coming in under £1,000.

There are some great models in the middle, too – the OLED804 adds some extra bells and whistles over the more basic OLED754, while the OLED+934 adds a Bowers & Wilkins speaker system without as much expense as the super-swish OLED+984 mentioned above.