Best Black Friday sales on iPhones

With the new iPhone 13 on the shelves, Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to score great iPhone deals on models old and new

Best Black Friday sales on iPhones
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iPhones are among the most popular deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which is unsurprising considering their hefty price tags. That is why this year, we’re anticipating just as many penny-pinching Black Friday deals, especially with the new iPhone 13 models on the shelves.

It’s been rumored that iPhone 13 availability might be affected over the holiday season due to chip shortages. But, that won’t likely stop retailers from dishing out desirable deals – you might just have to wait a few weeks to get your new phone. In fact, some of them have started early. Verizon is offering a $500 Verizon eGift card when you switch over from a different provider.

Plus, this speculated shortage might create a bigger demand for older iPhone models like last year’s iPhone 12 series and the iPhone 11s, which are still being sold by AT&T and Verizon. Going for one of these older models also means bigger savings since they’ve dropped in price since the iPhone 13 release.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from your aging smartphone or planning on gifting one to someone this holiday season, the best Black Friday iPhone deals will help you save a bit of cash. We’re keeping an eye out for any and all that pops up from now until Cyber Monday for your wallet’s benefit. Be sure to peruse what’s available before you hit buy.

Best Black Friday sales on iPhones

iPhone 13/13 mini
The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini’s treasure trove of new features – from new camera sensors and the new Cinematic mode to the latest A15 Bionic chip, Neural Engine and bigger battery – make it a compelling upgrade for even iPhone 12 users, which means there’s likely a lot of people looking to do so. At the moment, it seems it’s taking retailers at least a couple of weeks to ship out iPhone 13 orders. But, pre-Black Friday deals are already on hand, which means we’re likely to see better ones in the days leading up to it. As long as you’re willing to wait a few weeks to get your phone, one of these bargains below will be worth it.

iPhone 12/12 mini
Just because it’s last year’s model doesn’t make it less of a compelling option. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini tout a fantastic HDR screen and high-quality camera alongside powerful specs in a new nostalgic design that harkens back to the smartphone’s early years. So, even with its successor on the shelves, it’s still a great upgrade or gift, especially for those with an even older model. Of course, with the iPhone 13 out, these have dropped in price. If you like a bigger screen, some retailers like Best Buy still have the iPhone 12 Pro models in stock.

iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max
Speaking of bigger screens, the new iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max should see Black Friday sales as well. Even now, we’re already seeing T-Mobile offer up to $1,000 off with trade on the Pro. These models are sitting at a high price point, so any deals will certainly be appreciated by those needing more screen real estate. Luckily, there are great ones to be had, if you know where to look.

iPhone 11
The iPhone 11 may be old in Apple years, but it’s hardly obsolete. Many are still using iPhone 11 models, especially those who aren’t particularly fond of the new models’ non-rounded sides. Plus, Apple has yet to retire it even in the shadows of the iPhone 13, which means it’s still popular. Now that it’s more affordable than ever, it’s a great proposition for budget-minded consumers and young users. In fact, at $499 – $300 cheaper than the iPhone 13, it makes for a terrific gift as well. And, we expect it to even be cheaper once those Black Friday discounts have been applied.

iPhone SE
More than five years after its release and the iPhone SE still isn’t going anywhere – although it might see a well-deserved update in 2022. It is, after all, Apple’s cheapest smartphone, which means it’s secured its place in the smartphone market as the most appealing option for folks on a tight budget. $100 cheaper than the iPhone 11, it’s an even better gift idea. It’s bound to get even cheaper as well, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday well on their way.

Top Retailers

Apple iPhone deals
Apple might not be known for its door-busting deals, but it has dipped its toes in the whole Black Friday and Cyber Monday money-saving madness in the last few years. We expect it to do the same this year, likely offering modest discounts or subscription/accessories bundles on the current and latest models. Refurbished models should also see price cuts.
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Amazon iPhone deals
Amazon’s got a warehouse’s worth of iPhones, including much older phones like the iPhone 8 as well as renewed and refurbished ones. Combine that with the retailer’s reputation for banging Black Friday deals, and you’ve got the best place for scoring an excellent bargain. Need we say more?
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Best Buy iPhone deals
Best Buy is the best place to score deals on current iPhone models, which means it’s a great go-to on Black Friday when you’re looking to get a new model. Much like last year, the retailer should offer great discounts as well, especially online where you won’t have to fight off the rest of the Black Friday shoppers.
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T-mobile iPhone deals
T-mobile’s coverage has improved the last couple of years, which means now’s a great time to start a plan with this carrier. Of course, its existing deals when you trade-in or switch from a different provider already give new and existing customers compelling reasons to purchase a new iPhone. However, actual Black Friday deals might even be better.
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Verizon iPhone deals
On top of any trade-in or switch-based deals Verizon might have, Verizon could also offer discounts on old and new iPhones it’s got in stock. You might even find great value bundles where you get accessories for free for your iPhone purchase.
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Walmart iPhone deals
Memorial day saw Walmart offering $100 off iPhone SE, so that’s likely to happen again this Black Friday, and on other models as well. The retailer also has used, unlocked, and iPhone 6 and 7 models, which means bargain-hunters will have plenty of cheap options come Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
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