Best Amazon Prime Day 4K TV deals: the best in OLED, QLED and LED in the sales

A guide for television bargain hunters seeking OLED, QLED, LED LCD, HDR 4K UHD (etc etc) televisions with big screens and smaller than usual prices

Amazon Prime Day TV deals
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Looking for a cheap OLED TV on Amazon Prime Day? Or a cheap LED or QLED, even; deals on CRTs and plasmas will be thin on the ground, alas. Here's what to look out for, direct from T3's television guru, Captain Steve May. 

Amazon Prime Day is like Black Friday come early, or Christmas come even earlier, for TV deals hunters because as new 2019 TV ranges launch, this is among the last chances for retailers to discount and hence get shot of last year's models. There is also nearly always a deal or two on one of this year's LG OLEDs – LG gets its OLED TVs to market before everyone else because they make the actual panels everyone else uses. So if you shop canny, you could bag a brilliant buy.

Oh look, what did we just say? You don't even need to wait for Amazon Prime Day because here's a deal on the 2019 LG C9 OLED!

• Buy LG OLED C9 55-inch for £1,999 at John Lewis & Partners. Was £2,499

• Buy LG OLED C9 65-inch for £2,999 at John Lewis & Partners. Was £3,299

And here's a load of cheap Philips OLED TVs!

• Buy Philips 803 OLED and 903 OLED up to £501 off at Currys

And here is an actual Amazon Prime Day TV deal: cut-price Sony Bravia + free Echo + cheap 4K Blu-ray deck = DEAL.

Sony Bravia XG81 with 4K UHD Blu-ray player and Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) save… quite a lot of £££ at Amazon
On the face of it, saving between £200 and £300 (varies by screen size) on a brand new Bravia sounds good. You like that, yeah? But then delve into the promo deals and add a free Amazon Echo 2nd Gen and money off one of Sony's excellent 4K UHD Blu-ray players and we are talking Deal Town City Limits. And you need to move there.View Deal

The best Amazon Prime Day OLED TV deal

Philips 55POS9002/05 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD OLED Android Smart TV £799 | Was £1,200 | Save £401
This Philips 4K OLED TV is a feast for the eyes. Experience bright whites and deep blacks like never before. Immersive viewing experience thanks to the ambient lighting strips along the side of the TV. Grab this TV while you can, under £800 for a few hours only, Amazon Prime Day ends at 23:59 April 16 (ie: today)View Deal

More of the best Amazon UK TV deal

Philips 65PUS7304/12 £954 | Was £1,300 | Save £346

Sometimes all a TV needs to achieve greatness is a great big price cut, and that's what Philips and Amazon have served up here. This 2019 model has one other major thing going for it: it's huge. That aside, it's a textbook modern LED TV with HDR+ for better contrast and brightness, 4K resolution and Philips' soothing Ambilight feature.View Deal

Please note that on the same Amazon you will find the same TV at three different screen sizes, some discounted.

• 50-inch Philips 7304 £700 | Was £1,000 | Save £300

• 55-inch Philips 7304 £800 | Was £1,150 | Save £350

• 43-inch Philips 7304 £595 | Was £850 | Save £255

You can also get reduced prices on the 2018 Philips 7303 range. Better price cuts, slightly crappier TV – tough call…

• 50-inch Philips 7303 £444.99 | Was £700.00 | Save £255.01 (36%) 

• 55-inch Philips 7303 £519.99 | Was £800.00 | Save £280.01(35%)

• 43-inch Philips 7303  £394.99 | Was £600.00 |Save £205.01 (34%)

More best Amazon Prime Day UK deals

LG 55UM7510PLA £559 | Was £800 | Save £241 at Amazon
This 55-inch LED TV from LG is very mid-range but being an LG LED it's probably also very good as well. Comes with Freeview Play and, obviously, it's a 4K screen. There's also built-in Alexa, controllable via LG's Magic remote which is, if not magic as such, at least very effective, as it pairs with LG's best-in-class smart TV platform.
View Deal

LG 55UM7100PLB 55-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV £649.99 £499 at Amazon
Take a step down the quality chart and you come to this 4K 55-inch Smart LED from LG's range. Freeview Play and Alexa are built in and if image quality isn't quite up there with the 7510, it's still very good. You also get the same smart platform and Magic remote as in the more expensive model. View Deal

LG 49UM7100PLB £449 | Was £549 | Save £100 at Amazon
There's also £100 off this 4K LG 49-incher. Again it comes with Freeview Play, Alexa and a remote that is, quite literally, Magic. It's very much like the above, but smaller. View Deal

Hisense H43AE6100UK £249 | Was £429 | Save £180 at Amazon
Hisense TVs are cheap even when they aren't getting a substantial Amazon Prime Day discount. This 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD smart TV won't have the brightest HDR in the world – not really a deal breaker at this screen size. Anyway HDR is there, so all spec boxes are ticked, and it's only £250.View Deal

Best Amazon Prime Day USA TV deals

Toshiba 50-inch 4K with built-in Fire TV $280 | was $380 |Save $100 at Amazon
Not surprisingly, Amazon Prime Day has some TVs with its Fire TV smart TV platform, controllable by Alexa, built in. Like this Toshiba 50-inch 4K number, for instance. View Deal

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Amazon Prime Day TV deals: what should you look out for?


Could LG OLEDs get even cheaper on July 15-16?

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But what should you look for when browsing for that big screen bargain? 

If you're upgrading a TV that’s perhaps seen better days, any move from HD to 4K Ultra HD is going to represent a big step up in picture quality. You’ll most likely end up with a 4k screen whether you are specifically looking for one or not, as all manufacturers have shifted production from 1080p (full HD) to 2160p (Ultra HD) panels.

It's worth remembering to really benefit from the increased resolution potential of a 4k TV you'll need to think big.  Or at least bigger than the model you want to replace.  The rule of thumb is that you should buy larger than the HD set your replacing, or plan on moving your sofa closer to the screen. 

With four times the pixel density of a full HD TV, current UHD sets are a lot more comfortable to watch up close. When it comes to choosing a screen size, the most important rule is... that there's no hard and fast rule at all.  Whatever works best for you, and your living room, will always be correct.  But if you’re seeking guidance, think about sitting at x1.5 or x2 times the screen height away from your chosen TV.

The other key visual upgrade you can expect on Amazon Prime Day is HDR (High Dynamic Range). This picture technology allows you to enjoy a more dynamic; some would say natural, viewing experience, with brighter peak highlights (a sun in the sky, glinting reflections and so on) which add extra depth to the TV image.

But there is a caveat. HDR is a movable feast, not least because it comes in various flavours. Standard HDR, often referred to as HDR10, is common across all HDR platforms, from streaming services to Blu-ray and gaming.  But there’ are more advanced options available too, such as Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG. The latter is a broadcast HDR standard currently adopted by the BBC and BT.  The other two are competing dynamic HDR technologies typically used by streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

If you're buying on a tight budget you will probably only have the option of standard HDR and maybe HLG.  The step-up variants tend to be limited to more expensive panels (although Panasonic is bucking the trend with its new GX800 4k edge-lit LED LCD TV).  If you're prepared to pay a premium, look to take home the maximum amount of HDR support.

In truth, if you buy a low-cost TV capable of only limited brightness, you’ll not get a particularly good HDR performance, anyway.  On sub £500 tellies, the best picture is often obtained by foregoing HDR completely and watching 4K resolution in Standard Dynamic Range.

The other key consideration when shortlisting your next screen is Smart TV platform and tuner  A Freeview Play branded TV is the gold standard in this regard, and comes with fully integrated channel catch up services pre-loaded. With curated programme selections, and an expanding roster of streaming services, Freeview Play is something of a must have for discerning telly addicts. 

In addition, there are various proprietary smart platforms to sort through. If you have a Google assistant smart speaker then a TV running the Android TV OS would be a logical choice.  If you prefer to ask Alexa, then look for specific support on your wants list.

Our two favoured smart TV platforms are LG's WebOS, which is both powerful and versatile, and Panasonic's My Home Screen, which wins if you value sheer simplicity.

Of course, Amazon Prime Day isn’t just about buying the best cheap TV. It also offers a cracking opportunity to bag a high-performance model at a reasonable cost.  If you've always hankered after an OLED flatscreen, then stay frosty. OLED TVs combine perfect blacks with vibrant colour performance for a really cinematic viewing experience. 

But is it REALLY a deal?

The most important thing about getting a TV deal on Amazon Prime Day is to check it's actually a great deal. We'll let you know if this is the cheapest a product has ever been, a good deal or just mocking you with a derisory price cut from an RRP that nobody uses.

T3's pick of likely Amazon Prime Day TV deal bargains

These are educated guesses as to what will be on sale on Monday and Tuesday (July 15-16) at Amazon. We will of course bring you the actual deals when the Prime Day embargoes lift on Monday.

Samsung Q60R 4K HDR QLED

Best Amazon Prime Day deals

(Image credit: Samsung)

There's a deal on this TV already – at £945 this 2019, 55-inch flagship QLED is quite the steal in fact. Samsung is quite good at getting rid of stocks of its older TVs  but there will be some deals on 2018 models to be had on Amazon Prime Day and, if this is anything to go by, on 2019 TVs too…

• Buy Samsung Q60R for £945 – save £330

• Shop Samsung TVs at Amazon


Amazon Prime Day TV deals

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LG has long led the way with OLED screens and this high value 2018 model remains highly sought after – but check there aren't also more tempting deals on 2019's B9 and C9 OLED models. 

The B8 line features a class-leading array of HDR support for the price, including HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision, as well as boasting an integrated Dolby Atmos decoder. The Freeview Play tuner and WebOS provide a solid connected backbone. This could be one of the major bargains of Amazon Prime Day, so keep ‘em peeled.

• Shop LG OLED at Amazon

Philips 65OLED803 4K HDR OLED TV with Ambilight

Amazon Prime Day TV deals

(Image credit: Brand copyright)

There have already been pre-Prime Day price cuts on Philips' OLEDs from last year. With Philips 2019 OLED fleet just coming into dock, last season's superb 803 could soon be up for a song. This good-looking panel features first class picture processing. It not only looks great with native 4K content but shines with regular HD, which is given an HDR-like gloss. 

No one does bright, vibrant UHD quite like Philips. This set delivers a picture which will have you glued long after you've lost interest in the show you're watching.  Recently updated to the latest OREO Android TV OS,  its smart platform credentials are solid, and it comes with 3-sided Ambilight for an immersive light show when watching movies and gaming. 

Also look out for Philips OLED 903 on sale. This is essentially the same TV as the 803 but with a very nice Bowers & Wilkins soundbar built in.

• Shop Philips OLED at Amazon

Panasonic TX-43FX550 4K HDR LED LCD

Amazon Prime Day TV deals

(Image credit: Brand copyright)

This big brand, low-cost UHD flat screen looks more premium than its sub £300 price tag might suggest ad it's also well specified. Panasonic’s smart home platform supports Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and the provision of Freeview Play ensures all your catch-up TV services are ready and waiting. The FX550 is HDR compatible, though it really only has the brightness capabilities of a standard SDR set, so don't get carried away over that aspect of it. Still, on a relatively small screen like this, you’ll not feel short-changed.

• Shop Panasonic TVs at Amazon

Hisense AE6100 (H50AE6100) 4k HDR LED LCD TV

Amazon Prime Day TV deals

(Image credit: Brand copyright)

Hisense is now getting into the (comparatively) cheap OLED game but it's best known for well specified, big-screen 4K Smart TV at great prices – this 50-incher is less than 300 quid already. Hisense certainly knows how to pile 'em high and sell 'em cheap, but the really good news is that the Chinese brand happens to do budget screens really well, combining vibrant image quality with a decent level of smart functionality. On this one, HDR support covers HDR and HLG, and there’s Freeview Play with Netflix and YouTube too.

• Shop for Hisense TVs at Amazon

Sony Bravia KD49XF8096 4K HDR LED LCD TV

Amazon Prime Day TV deals

(Image credit: Brand copyright)

Keep a watch on this mid-range 49-inch Bravia. Built around a wide colour gamut panel and using 4K X-Reality PRO, one of the better detail enhancers out there, it could be an Amazon Prime Day steal. Using the Android OS, there's Google Assistant built-in, with Chromecast, but it can also work with Alexa. Given that Sony TV’s also offer some of the best motion handling, in the shape of Motionflow XR 200Hz, this is a good option for sports fans. It also looks cool, thanks to that slim aluminium bezel. You might want to add a soundbar to your shopping cart as well though.

• Shop for Sony TVs at Amazon

Amazon Prime Day essentials

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