Best toothpaste 2021: for whitening, sensitive teeth, bad breath and staining

Brush up on your oral hygiene

Best toothpaste

Feeling the need to brush up on your oral hygiene? Dental care should be top of the list when it comes to grooming as it’s a necessity of everyday life, and using the best toothpaste for your mouth's needs should be second on that list.

Just think, when people are talking to you, more often than not they are focusing on your mouth. So why not give them something good to stare at? If you’ve got the nashers of negligence, people will notice.

I would suggest you take a rain check on the chocolate bars, red wine, coffee and fags, but I’m not about to pedal advice I can’t stick to. 

Rather, I’ll pass on the elementary advice of brushing thoroughly twice a day and a swirl of mouth wash post-snacking for a lick of protection. 

Some common mistakes people make when brushing include: 

  • rinsing your mouth with mouthwash after brushing (there’s more fluoride in toothpaste and the mouthwash washes it off) 
  • rinsing with water after brushing (you’re washing away the protective film of fluoride)
  • brushing straight after eating (can damage the enamel on the teeth, particularly with acidic food and wine) 
  • forgetting to brush your gums (neglect can lead to gum disease)
  • Applying too much pressure (you can wear down the enamel so be light-handed when brushing)

Your day starts and finishes with brushing your teeth, so you’re better off finding a toothpaste you love. 

One that tastes nice and offers the protection you need. (It’s also worth noting a little goes a long way - despite the gratuitous helpings you see on the adverts). 

The fundamental ingredient you need in all your toothpastes is fluoride, then, depending on your concerns, look for ones that target problem areas such as sensitivity or discolouration. 

Luckily for you, we’ve collated the best toothpastes to achieve that healthy, movie star smile below.

The best toothpaste you can buy

1. Pearl Drops Instant Natural White

The best toothpaste for a deep clean

Reasons to buy
+Whitening+Not as messy as other charcoal pastes+Gentle on teeth

We’re a sucker for a fun toothpaste and this purple number is quite a surprise to use. The toothpaste isn’t anywhere near as messy as other charcoal toothpastes or powders, which makes it all the more appealing. 

Teeth will feel and look visibly cleaner and they’ll be bacteria-free after use. Pearl Drops claims to be gentle enough for everyday use, so if you are a big tea or coffee drinker this may be one for you.

Charcoal is the buzzword in beauty recently and its use has been extended to dental care due to its absorptive qualities and abrasiveness. There was rarely a social media feed without a charcoal powder or toothpaste on display in 2017. Though, it’s an abrasive substance and should be used sparingly, unless it is a particularly gentle toothpaste.

Dr. Jerome Sebah tell us, “Charcoal’s best effect is that it’s binding the bacteria. So it helps lift the impurities and bacteria in the mouth.”

2. Sensodyne Repair and Protect

Best toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Reasons to buy
+For sensitive teeth+Dentist recommended brand+Repairs vulnerable areas

There’s no better diet than the fear of being unable to eat, but that’s no way to live. You may have been applying too much pressure when brushing, which can wear down enamel and cause sensitivity. We suggest you avoid whitening toothpaste if you have sensitive teeth and go for desensitising toothpastes.  

When asked what advice she would give people with sensitive teeth, Dr. Jerome Sebah said, “The key is gentle yet effective brushing techniques to avoid damaging the enamel and brushing  the gums as well.”

Pronamel toothpaste is less abrasive on sensitive teeth and formulated to help strengthen weaker enamel. It protects as it strengthens, with the potent presence of fluoride and a lasting minty freshness. You’ll notice an improvement in the sensitivity that’ll have you reaching for ice cream before you know it.

3. Colgate Total Proof

Best all-rounder toothpaste

Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
-Blue is messy

If you’ve got your oral care down to a T (lucky you) and you’re a creature of habit without any dental concerns you are trying to target, then a reliable do-all toothpaste like Colgate should keep you covered.

Who says dental care doesn’t have to be fun? Total Proof goes in white and comes out blue, like magic! That’s not all that is magical about this toothpaste: it tastes great, protects, whitens and is easy on the purse strings. Offering up to 12 hours protection with antibacterial-fighting properties, it’s an all-rounder!

4. Arm & Hammer Advanced White Extreme

Best toothpaste for discoloured teeth

Reasons to buy
+Doesn't use peroxide+Removes deeper stains+Tackles bad breath as well

Tooth discolouration on the surface of your teeth is the result of everyday consumption of various food and drinks. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice our indulgences for a megawatt smile and thanks to powerful whitening toothpastes, we don’t really have to. 

Dr. Jerome Sebah, Arm & Hammer Dentist says:

“I don’t recommend whitening toothpastes that have peroxide inside as they can create sensitivity,  but baking soda is a nice natural alternative.”

Baking soda has been a hero ingredient for decades (always used as a life hack in cleaning), so it makes sense to use it in toothpaste. Arm & Hammer have formulated their toothpaste with baking soda to lift away surface stains and deeper stains, and it works to tackle bad breath too. 

5. Colgate Total Advanced Deep Clean

Best toothpaste for healthy gums

Reasons to buy
+Works for 12 hours+Protects gums+Fresh breath

Neglected gums leads to gum disease, or as it’s officially known, Gingivitis (as a redhead, I am a little paranoid this name is a personal attack…).

Gingivitis is caused by a buildup of plaque and bacteria on the teeth, which then irritates and infects the gums. Symptoms include swollen, sensitive and even bleeding gums - am I painting a beautiful picture? This nightmare could come true… Word to the wise: don’t rinse your mouth out after brushing so your teeth and gums can reap the benefits of your toothpaste overnight.

A cult classic with a history of success. Total Advanced Deep Clean has got all the cavity fighting properties you need to fight the build-up of bacteria and plaque over a 12-hour period. The flavour isn’t offensive and will leave you fresh-breathed and well protected.