Xbox Kinect UK release today

At last, hands-free gaming add-on hits the shelves

Nab yourself Kinect now and be sure to tell us what you think of Microsoft's revolutionary new system.

Almost 18 months after it first reared its head at E3 2009 as Project Natal, Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 has finally gone on sale here in the UK. The new motion-sensing camera has been the centre of intense hype, but now, finally, you can get involved and see what gaming minus a hulking great controller really feels like.

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The camera itself will set you back around £130 with Kinect Adventures thrown in. If you’ve not got an Xbox 360 already, you can nab a Kinect bundle for £250. There are 19 games being released for Kinect this month, although just getting to grips with using your paws to control games should really be your number one priority.

Whether Kinect can see off the intense competition from PlayStation Move remains to be seen. Only yesterday, US retailer Gamestop claimed that Microsoft would beat down Sony in the run up to Christmas. The Big M has said it hopes to shift five million units before the big day.

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