Epic: Xbox 720 needs to be bleeding edge or Apple will beat consoles

Epic Games VP says PS4 and 720 will need to be the best

Talking to CVG the VP of Epic Games has spoken out about possibility that Microsoft and Sony's upcoming next-gen consoles could be underwhelming

Epic Games VP Mark Rein spoke to CVG about the growing concern by gamers that the next generation of consoles such as the Xbox 720 and Sony PS4 might not be using the latest technology.

Speaking candidly to the gaming website the VP revealed that Epic Games has always been pushing console manufacturers to the limit making sure their hardware is the best that it can be.

"Don't worry. We are absolutely every day [pushing platform holders]," Rein told CVG. "This is why we did Samaritan and why we're doing a really high-end demo in the room here. We really are pushing these guys, because if they don't, Apple will go right past them."

Summing up how the gaming industry works Rein warned console makers to stick to their original briefs, to release hardware that felt like it was lightyears ahead.

"The only way they're going to go away is if they don't stay true to what they are. The console gaming experience is about delivering something that's way out past the bleeding edge and subsidising it through the software royalty model - just like Apple does with the phones. It's not that much different."

With rumours hotting up about the upcoming Nintendo Wii U and the Xbox 720 all eyes will be turned to both consoles with the hope that they'll be able to provide something we've never seen before.