Word Lens app translates using augmented reality

Language translation through your iPhone's camera lens.

Officially the world's best pocket translator.

They're wonderful things these smartphones aren't they? A new app for iPhone allows confused souls on foreign soil to point their camera lens at the lingo on signs and have it translated back into the Queen's English in the flash of an eye.

The Word Lens app for iPhone translates in real time without the need for a Wi-Fi and data connection by using an in-app dictionary. It's like a cross between Google Translate and Google Goggles and judging by the video below, it works absolutely brilliantly.

The translations aren't perfect - think Babelfish - but will allow you to get the gist and make sure you don't end up wandering into the ladies by accident. It can't recognise handwriting, but with signs and printed text, you're good to go.

it's free to download from the App Store, but language packs cost £5. So far it can only do Spanish to English and vise-versa but more languages are on the way. This looks like a very, very impressive application.

Link: Word Lens (via Gizmodo)