Windows Phone 7 developers warned off sex and violence

Nipples, buttocks and impaling ruled out by Microsoft

Microsoft goes clean with Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has published its guidelines for developers intending to produce app-based content for the incoming Windows Phone 7 operating system forbidding elements of heightened violence or programs with a particularly sexual theme.

The company’s PG-13 rating and squeaky clean approach to app development has banned the inclusion of any potentially offensive material which, under the sex and nudity heading, includes: “Images that are sexually suggestive or provocative (eg sexually provocative touching, bondage, masturbation); provocative images that reveal nipples, genitals, buttocks, or pubic hair.”

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Also ruled out on the ‘adult’ front was: “Content that a reasonable person would consider to be adult or borderline adult content (images, text, or audio).”

Whilst a limited level of gore will be permitted based on the relevant gaming certification bodies, Microsoft has also outlined what will be rejected in terms of violence. Making the apparently mild mannered company’s no, no list will be: “Decapitation, impaling, blood splatter/blood spurting/blood . Guns/weapons pointed towardpooling, or gore. Exploding body parts People or creatures on fire. Cruelty touser/audience. Strangulation/choking. animals. Audio of humans or animals suffering. Involuntary or physically-resisted sexual interactions with violent or illicit overtones."

Rigorous censorship to mobile content is nothing new as Apple’s firm stance on content of a sexually explicit nature has been well reported and occasionally criticised. The planned levels of control imposed on developers by Microsoft for its Windows Phone 7 platform, however, takes this to a new level, one that we can’t see developers taking a liking to.

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Via: Tech Radar