Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360 multiplayer incoming

Microsoft exec spills beans on gaming between phones and console

WP7 Xbox Live games will unlock content on Xbox 360 according to Canadian staffer.

Microsoft is plotting multiplayer gaming between Xbox Live-packing Windows Phone 7 blowers and the Xbox 360. The news comes straight from the Big M’s Canadian mobility solutions manager, Greg Milligan, who was speaking at the company’s X’10 event.

Milligan confirmed that you’d be able to play your pals at the same game over Wi-Fi, even if they’re sitting at home on their console and you’re on the move with your mobile.

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On top of that, Milligan also said mini-games on Windows Phone 7 would unlock extra content on the Xbox 360. He also mooted that prices for games would start at $1.99 in the US, much lower than had first been anticipated and undercutting Apple’s App Store costs significantly.

Whether Xbox Live integration runs this deep when Windows Phone 7 flies out of the blocks later this year remains to be seen. But it appears Microsoft’s move into mobile gaming is going to leave Apple with plenty to think about.

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Via WMPoweruser