Weird News: Apple gets lazy, lizard made to do something

Plus: #Winning at Twitter? Charlie Sheen needs YOU

We take a look at the more eccentric side of tech's last seven days...

Playdoh car
Imagine you’ve got a new car to tell people about. It’s a family car, with the emphasis on kids and space and fun and whatnot. Then someone gives you a tonne of money and a shipping crate full of playdoh with which to get said message across. What would you do? Probably this.

Lizard delivers games
Since we’re on the theme of weird marketing stunts, why not have a look at this, in which the musings of some deranged execs directly lead to a huge lizard being strapped to a wooden cart full of Xbox games. If that doesn’t make you want to buy Dragon Age II, we don’t know what will.

Awesome keyboard slippers are awesome
Geek accessories a go-go. While we wouldn’t advise against any prospective life partners catching you wearing these, there is something to be said for reaching that absolute pinnacle of geekdom – the apex of your nerdy leanings. Go forth, Sir (or Madam), and protect your feet in PC apparel like the social outcast that you are.

Pen envy
Look at you, with your rubbish pen. It’s rubbish. Our pen does all the normal pen type stuff (writing, eye-gauging, etc.), but is also a fork, a knife, a USB stick, a watch, a light, a screwdriver, a pipe, a toothbrush, a shaving blade, a nail clipper and a 13th century stone-built castle. Well it’s not the last thing, but it is all the others. Honest.

3D Swimsuits
The unrelenting march of using 3D for smutty purposes continues unabated. This time it’s Sports Illustrated, the US national institution that once-yearly releases a swimsuit edition consisting largely of female sports stars in bikinis. Make it 3D and you will make it better, said the gods of all things slightly pervy.

Call of Duty helps wartime trauma
You’d have thought that Call of Duty’s non-stop, retina burning sensory overload would be among the worst things to show a battle-hardened ex-soldier. Research says otherwise, though, claiming that a bit of CoD before bed will help Private X drift off to a peaceful sleep, forgetting all about that time when he had to try and find his mate Joey’s legs.

We Dare pulled from UK
The ‘sexy’ Wii game aimed at adults who need a games console to tell them when to take their clothes off has been axed. We know, we know… we’re all a bit sad. Turns out that the prospect of bizarre gaming-related swingers’ parties (as advertised) was just too much for our polite British sensibilities.

Sheen seeking young (tiger)blood
As if struck by a rare moment of clear thought, international madman hero Charlie Sheen has realised that his tweets need sorting out and is on the hunt for a social networking intern. You’ve got 75 characters to explain why you deserve the job, which will last 8 weeks and presumably knock a good decade off your life.

And finally…

Apple’s getting lazy
Ok, so technically this is from last week, but since the iPad 2 launches in the States today, we thought we’d share Conan’s flash of genius Re: the hyperbole-heavy announcement video: