Virgin Media upgrades XL package to 30Mb

Package 20% faster, but at a cost

Give your broadband a speed boost for £30

Good news if you’ve got Virgin Media’s XL package – the broadband speed is being boosted from 20Mb/s to 30Mb from today. The provider puts it down to the increased number of tablets and smart phones using home Wi-Fi, meaning a bigger drain on the broadband of customers wanting to watch TV shows online.

The bad news? It will cost you if you’re an existing subscriber to the Virgin Media XL package, though it’s only a one off £30 to cover the switch over and cost of a new SuperHub modem-cum-router, capable of Gigabit wired connectivity and ‘N’ standard Wi-Fi.

But if you don’t want to upgrade from your 20Mb, you don’t have to. “It’s completely optional,” Asam Ahmad, head of Consumer Relations at Virgin Media, told us. So you won’t have to pay the £30 fee if you’re still strapped for cash post-Christmas.

The price of the XL option will come down from £20 to £18.50 a month when taken with a BT landline, meaning your total outlay will be £30.74 a month including line rental.

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