Virgin Media 'unlimited' ads pulled by ASA for being 'misleading'

Sky and BT complain over Virgin's 'unlimited downloads' claim

With more and more internet companies claiming to offer 'unlimited' speeds and 'unlimited' downloads the ASA has decided to make an example of Virgin Media in particular

Complaints against Virgin Media by Sky and BT have been upheld by the ASA after it was claimed that the internet provider was being misleading in adverts that claimed customers would have 'unlimited downloads'.

While many internet providers claim to offer 'unlimited' downloads Sky and BT took particular issue with Virgin Media due to their traffic management system which is put in place to try and create an even experience when the service is under particular stress.

What this means is that customers who are known to be downloading huge amounts of data and regularly have their speeds regulated to make sure they're not placing too much strain on the service.

The ASA found that although this only applied to a very small number of customers (2.3 per cent) that was still enough of a percentage to warrant the removal of the term 'unlimited' from any adverts

No fine was issued in this instance however the Advertising Standards Authority has ordered Virgin to remove the ads in question.